"I'm Too Busy" And Other Excuses You Should Retire If You Want to #LiveBetter

Get rid of those lame excuses stat.

(SPOT.ph) When it comes to living a healthier life, most people tend to yo-yo on their motivation levels. 


Committing to a healthier lifestyle is no walk in the park—and the participants of Philam Life’s Camp #LiveBetter know this first hand.

The wellness game show challenged nine people to make a positive change in their lives, both physically and financially. The competitors were divided into three teams headed by celebrities who represent different pillars of wellness: Solenn Heussaff (food), Nico Bolzico (finances), and Mond Gutierrez (wellness).

The teams had to accomplish activities that were designed to encourage them to live healthier. They were also given tasks that aim to help them manage their finances better.

To have a better idea of what Camp #LiveBetter is all about, watch the show's second episode:


Everyone had to conquer every excuse they have not to live a healthy life, and the truth is you can do the same. It’s just a matter of finding the perfect counter to each excuse:


10. “I haven’t got the time.”

It’s just a matter of seeing exercise as something essential and putting it high up on your priority list. Schedule each workout on your calendar as if it were a crucial, non-cancellable doctor’s appointment. Many fastidious exercisers commit to working out first thing in the morning to get it out of the way before they lose control of the outcome of their day.



9. “I haven’t got the energy.”

Regular exercise has been scientifically proven to boost a person’s energy levels. A study conducted by University of Georgia researchers concluded that exercise can actually combat fatigue. All you have to do is get started.


8. “I’m too thin. What’s the point?”

Ever heard of the term "skinny fat?" Even someone with an ideal body weight could be at risk of serious health issues without regular exercise. Work out not just for vanity but for strength, energy, and health. Of course, a healthy diet is part of the equation. Load up on good calories. You can do it by eating whole-grain foods, almonds, sunflower seeds, and wheat bread.



7. “I’m too fat. What’s the point?”

Everyone has to start somewhere. Exercising might be a little more difficult at the start, but as you start shedding the pounds, it’ll get progressively easier. You would also want to be more conscious of what you eat and drink. Switch to healthier food, and count the calories you take. Living a healthier life is all about being more mindful of what you put in your body. Check out inspiring "before and after" photos online. Two words: Raymond Gutierrez.


6. “I’m too old. What’s the point?”

Our bodies deteriorate as we age, but we can adjust our workouts to accommodate bodily changes. You can look up low-impact exercises that are easy on the joints and aren’t too strenuous.


5. “I’m just going to embarrass myself in front of all the gym buffs.”

These days, more and more fitness establishments hold zero-judgment beginners’ classes for that very reason. Just keep remembering why you’re there, and that everyone, no matter their size or fitness level, has the right to be there to get fit and healthy.


4“The showers at the gym are gross.”

Most reputable gyms take shower cleanliness and maintenance very seriously. The facilities might even be cleaner than your own bathroom at home! Do a meticulous inspection before you join a gym or ask current members for feedback for your peace of mind.



3. “I can't afford a gym membership.”

If you really want to go to the gym, you can make it possible by managing your finances better. Take this opportunity to be more responsible with your money. And if you want to take it a notch higher, consult with a financial advisor to see how you can handle your finances more efficiently. It’s like hitting two goals in one go.


2. “My neighborhood is too unsafe to jog in.”

Work out in the comfort of your own living room—there are loads of easy workouts online you can do indoors for just 15 minutes a day.


1. “Online workouts? I can’t even figure out the Internet.”

If you’re reading this, you probably know someone who can assist you in finding a good workout online. That person might even turn out to be a good workout buddy.


When you find the motivation to live better, check out Philam Vitalitythe only science-backed total wellness program available in the market today. The fitness regimen yields real results, as can be seen among the participants of Camp #LiveBetter. Give it a shot, and you might find yourself doing everything the members of #TeamSolenn, #TeamNico, and #TeamMond can do—and more!



Catch Camp #LiveBetter at www.philamlife.com to watch all three episodes and find out how you, too, can live a longer, healthier, and better life. To know more, talk to a Philam Life Financial Advisor, find them on Facebook at PhilamLifeAIA, or call (02)528-2000.

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