LOOK: You Can Earn Money Using TravelBook.ph's Friend Code Program

You can earn cash backs for your travels and staycations, too!


(SPOT.ph) The holidays are coming up and, for many, that means using unrenewable vacation leaves that have accumulated over the year. But just because you have the time to travel doesn’t mean you can simply pack your bags and go. In most cases, the spirit may be willing, but the wallet is not.


Traveling can cost a pretty penny, after all. Thankfully, there are things like TravelBook.ph’s Friend Code Program to help you earn back your travel and staycation expenses.


It’s also an opportunity to save up. With Christmas just around the corner, an extra source of income is always welcome. TravelBook.ph’s referral program rewards you when your friends book a trip activity or a hotel stay using your Friend Code—each successful booking will earn you cash.


So how do you get in on this? All you have to do is register at https://friendcode.travelbook.ph/ and get your Friend Code. As an offline partner, you can share your code through word-of-mouth; friends and family members can then add the code in the payment section when booking hotels and tour activities at TravelBook.ph. You can also apply to be an online partner and link your Friend Code on your website or Facebook page for people to use.


Your Friend Code isn't just for others to use either. You get instant cashbacks if you decide to utilize your own code when booking tours and hotel accommodations at TravelBook.ph. 



Every successful referral earns you a percentage of TravelBook.ph's commission from their hotel and tour partners. Once your accumulated fee reaches P500, you can start withdrawing it. Nice, right? To make the deal even sweeter, every offline partner who signs up from November 22 to December 13 to TravelBook.ph will automatically get credited with P200.  


*P200 cash will be credited up to (1) one day after sign up


Watch below to find out more about the program:



You can sign up to the Friend Code Program here. For more information, go here. You can also follow TravelBook.ph on Facebook.

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