Top 10 Cutest TV Newsmen: 2011 Edition

See who made it to this year’s list!


We had so much fun doing our Top 10 Cutest Newsmen list last year that we decided to give it another go. To make things more challenging, we've decided to temporarily disqualify the newsmen on last year's list so we can put a fresh bunch of news cuties in the spotlight. Admittedly, it made our search more difficult. This is why-aside from hardcore news staples-we expanded our "hunting ground" to news magazine shows and lifestyle news programs.

In the spirit of cost-effective brainless fun, lists 10 of the cutest TV newsmen in the country. (Pretty please, if you know more cute newsmen, let us know. They just might make it to next year's list.)


It’s a shame we can’t find a clip showing Ian Cruz in a suit. (But he’s still eye candy nonetheless.)



This GMA News correspondent's unassuming tisoy good looks have charmed viewers for years. It’s probably because he reminds us of that shy boy next door who doesn’t realize that he can be a chick magnet if he puts his mind to it. The fact that Cruz’s photos are not easily available online says a lot. (The absence of pictures also paints a thousand words.) Cruz does segments for GMA-7 news programs such as Saksi, 24 Oras, Balitanghali, News to Go, and others. Occasionally, he takes time out from field duties and suits up for flash reports. We have to say that he looks even better when he's not being battered by the elements.



Last year’s No. 10: Aljo Bendijo (IBC-13, NBN-4, and RPN-9)

Hadji Rieta is almost too adorable to be doing hardcore news.



According to his Blogger profile, Rieta first made his mark in the news biz via ABS-CBN's TV Patrol Ilocos, where he was the anchorman. This year, he signed up with GMA-7. He now does segments for the network's news programs. Rieta’s appeal lies in the fact that he looks too darn adorable to be doing hardcore news. It was somewhat weird to view his MYX VJ Search audition clip on YouTube and then, later, see him reporting from flood-hit areas. For those who can't bear to see him being exposed to harsh surroundings, check out the photos on his Multiply site. Hopefully, he won't get a shyness attack when this list gets published.


Last year’s No. 9: Ferds Recio (Born to be Wild, GMA-7)

Never mind the headlines...Warren de Guzman appears at 4:14.



It’s frustrating that the headlines have more screen time than this cutie on ANC Headlines.  Yes, we know that the headlines are the point of the program-but you can’t blame us if we want to see more of De Guzman (and it doesn’t help that his photos are also not easily available online). As a former ANC insider pointed out, the photo on his Twitter page does not do him justice at all. In any case, the bespectacled De Guzman looks every inch the gentleman in his suits. We suspect that he wears glasses so the viewers won’t be distracted by his pretty eyes. But, oh, his voice more than makes up for that.



Last year’s No. 8: Paolo Abrera (ANC)

Kiko Rustia drives his fans wild.



Rustia first got into the TV scene via the Philippine edition of the reality show, Survivor. He was later tapped to host Born to be Wild, a news magazine show featuring the country’s wildlife, and along with veterenarian Dr. Ferds Recio. Though he’s not conventionally handsome, Rustia stands out with his lean physique and dreadlocks. Last year, he was even chosen as one of the contenders in a global model search launched by United Colors of Benetton. His online portfolio certainly shows off his bone structure and his sizzling angles. With Recio’s departure from Born to be Wild, Rustia is now the lone hottie on the program.


Last year’s No. 7: TJ Manotoc (ANC)

Sigh-inducing sight: Cris Zuñiga practices his spiel.



This TV Patrol North Central Luzon anchor can bring out the stalker in you. The abundance of candid photos posted on a Facebook fan page created by his loyal fans prove this. We dare say the boyishly handsome newsman should go national-it’s not right that only one area gets to see him regularly (Please share your blessings, North Central Luzon!). As our Google-stalking didn’t yield a lot of data about this newsman, we are now considering writing ABS-CBN to demand that they post his bio or something. (We’ll write the letter right after we print out his photos, OK?)



Last year’s No. 6: Mark Salazar (GMA-7)

Andre Felix hangs out with fellow Umagang Kay Ganda host Joseph Persia a.k.a. Bekimon.



A former MYX video jockey, Felix was tapped to be one of the hosts of ABS-CBN’s morning show Umagang Kay Ganda. In a way, he serves as Atom Araullo’s "replacement cutie" (The latter now focuses on hardcore news segments on ABS-CBN’s news shows). This mestizo charmer has made a movie, 2007’s Tiyanaks, and has also been linked to actress Jennylyn Mercado. But now that he’s taking baby steps into the news territory (doing traffic updates and such), we think that he’s much better suited for it than being in forgettable horror movies. Felix is like the younger version of  newsman Alex Santos, with his trustworthy vibe and calm-yet-appropriately hip demeanor. He seems like the kind of cutie that your mother would want you to marry.


Last year’s No. 5: Paolo Bediones (TV5)

Temperatures rise even when Paolo Soler is just talking about the weather.



Surfer and green living advocate Paolo Soler-who used to be one of the hosts of GMA-7’s late-night mobile lifestyle game show Txtube-now hosts Camera Geek TV on Net 25, a show about (you guessed it) anything and everything about cameras. Tall, dark (maybe just from the sun), and handsome, Soler is sexy without even trying. This genetically-blessed man looks good even if he’s covered in sand or when he’s making goofy faces. He’s just plain gorgeous.



Last year’s No. 4: Ivan Mayrina (GMA-7)

Jinno Rufino talks to NBA star Kobe Bryant.



<>This Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) courtside reporter exudes a blend of alpha male sexiness and schoolboy exuberance when it comes to sports coverage. He’s an astute and articulate commentator. It sure doesn’t hurt that he has angles that make him look like a younger Jet Li. In any case, this guy makes women gush-a feat that’s not easy to pull off since he has to compete with cute basketball players as well. He’s one reason why women tune in to the PBA broadcasts on AksyonTV 41.


<>Last year’s No. 3: Alex Santos (ABS-CBN)


<> <> <> <> <>

<>Mark Zambrano grows on you.



<>This tall and lanky mestizo is one of GMA-7’s most visible field correspondents. Though he easily lets his subjects take over his segments, it was only a matter of time before people noticed that, yes, this guy is good-looking. Zambrano has the kind of inexplicable charisma that grows on you. Before you know it, you’re hooked on his charms. He’s a favorite topic in online forums where users dissect his appeal. We think it’s his smile that seals the deal. (Trivia: Zambrano once hosted a show called A Round of Golf, which aired on government-run channels. Most of the episodes can be found on YouTube.)


<>Last year’s No. 2: Martin Andanar (TV5)


<> <> <> <> <>

<>Mike Templo back in his ANC days.



<>Our top spot belongs to fun-loving overachiever Atty. Mike Templo. Yes, that’s right-he’s a lawyer. This 30-something cutie with to-die-for cheekbones and lips is a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy graduate from the University of the Philippines in Diliman. According to the information posted on his law firm’s website, Templo then received his Juris Doctor degree at Touro Law School in New York. An article revealed that Templo worked as a waiter and bartender in the U.S. so he would have extra cash. He broke into the TV scene via ANC’s Crossing Borders, where he discussed various immigration issues and concerns. These days, he’s part of TV5’s Sapul sa 5 and is one of the anchors of Aksyon JournalisMO. According to a PEP article, Templo was once linked to Claudine Trillo and Angel Locsin.


<>Last year’s No. 1: Atom Araullo (ABS-CBN)


<>Check out’s Top 10 Cutest TV Newsmen: 2010 Edition


<>Artwork by Warren Espejo

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