A Mother-Daughter Power Duo: Nicole and Natalia Ortega

Mother-daughter power duo Nicole and Natalia Ortega tells us how they spend quality time together without getting on each other’s nerves

(SPOT.ph) New York skincare brand Kiehl’s recently launched its Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate with four dynamic duos representing the product. There’s Kimi and Boop Yap, sisters who are also stylists; brothers Niko and Armand del Rosario; business partners Ziggie Gonzales and Raf Dioniso; and mother and daughter power duo Nicole, who is the sister of Marco Lobregat, and her daughter Natalia Ortega.


We spoke to Nicole and Natalia about how they keep each other balanced, their plans for Mother’s Day, and how they’re able to raise their relationship from mother and daughter to best friends.


Apart from your interest in beauty and skin care, how else do you bond? Can you name other ways for mothers and daughters to spend quality time together without getting on each other’s nerves?
We love traveling, eating out, shopping, trying new things, and watching shows we enjoy together.


Natalia, what's the best piece of advice your mother has given you? How do you say thank you?
The best piece of advice my mum has given me is to always handle things with class. Class goes a long way and how I handle things will determine my attitude and my future. The choices I make now will determine my future or life, she always says.



How do you think you're able to keep your mom strong?
I know I’m able to keep my mum strong by being a good daughter. (I try) by being a good follower and by being a good  listener. We’re both strong-charactered so I make sure we don’t clash. She always tells me that I’m her rock. And throughout the years, I’ve come to realize that.


Nicole, how does your daughter keep you young?
I had her at a young age so even if I can discipline her as a daughter, we can still be friends and respect each other. I’m constantly updated by her from trends to the latest news and goings-on around us and elsewhere. It’s always lively when we’re together. She blends with my friends and vice-versa. Being happy and amused keeps me young.


Natalia, what are you planning for Mother's Day?
Unlike others, it’s my mum who makes dinner at home. We like to avoid the crowded malls so since cooking is my mum’s favorite hobby, she never fails to make us a scrumptious meal.

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Nicole, what do you plan to give yourself on Mother's day?
We don’t make plans to go out on big holidays, to avoid the crowds. We prefer to have good quality meals at home. We’re all foodies, so we eat at home. I prepare and then friends and family trickle in.


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