These Huawei Nova Users' Instagram Accounts Will Give You Major Envy

Their smartphone has four cameras!

( Well-curated Instagram feeds aren’t just for big brands with even bigger budgets. Today, it’s all about personal branding; it's possible for anyone to create a following on social media with good content.

You’ll need the right tools to feed your followers with the best #OOTDs and flat lays, and there's an easy and pocket-friendly way to do this. Take your cue from these Huawei Nova influencers:


Johan Aguilar (@johansenaguilar)

Johan Aguilar brings his Huawei Nova 3i on his adventures in and out of the country. He uses it to explore new perspectives and angles, and always brings his A-game when it comes to executing the perfect shot.

“The Huawei camera features are very powerful, but what I suggest is to really take the time to explore and study the features carefully,” he points out.

"You have the Night Mode to take stunning night shots, portrait and aperture modes to maximize bokeh and to take excellent portrait shots. There are plenty of features to explore and it pays off to study and watch tutorial videos online to maximize the capability of your phone.”

Raiza Contawi (@raizacontawi)

For beauty junkie Raiza Contawi, three things make a photo Instagram-worthy: clarity, aesthetic appeal, and an affinity with her personal brand. Read: You have to know yourself and what you want to say, and know enough photography tricks to convey just that.

“Try using the aperture mode," she points out. "The depth of field of this camera is amazing. Focus on a subject and the rest of your photo looks just as good as a photo from a DSLR camera.”

“The screen is amazing. As a content creator, I need to see how my videos and IG feeds look. The edge to edge screen, brightness, contrast, and colors make them as beautiful as I imagined them to be.”

“Huawei realized that selfies need to look just as good as regular photos, and that really helps me with my work.”


YouTuber ThatsBella has created a massive following with her videos, but she also has impeccable portraits and selfies on her Instagram feed. She's the one to watch if you ever wanted to nail that perfect selfie. Her secret? "Consistently post high quality photos that explain who you are and what you love doing, and basically just having a clean and organized feed."

“What I love best about my Huawei phone are its four AI cameras, since they boost the quality of my photos,” she explains.

The 16MP + 2MP dual rear cameras with f/2.2 aperture create a professional effect. Reinforced by AI algorithms driven by learning over 100 million images, Huawei Nova 3i recognizes 22 categories of 500+ scenes and provides optimized shooting results.

Another highlight of the Huawei Nova 3i is the Qmoji feature. The AI-powered 3D Qmojis learn and animate your facial expressions, movements, and voice to generate personalized Qmoji GIFs or videos, which makes messaging more entertaining and unique to your own personality.


HUAWEI Nova 3i provides two color models for you to choose from: Black, and Iris Purple. The 6.3-inch FHD+ (2340 x 108-0) screen provides an unrestricted view while fitting right in your pocket for P15,990.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Huawei.
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