No-Fail Photography Tips for an Envy-Worthy Feed

You don’t need a super expensive phone or camera to pull off #feedgoals.


( Nowadays, with smartphones practically everywhere, everyone’s a photographer. Because of this, social media is bursting with camera phone snapshots, from the candid to the precisely composed.


And to create a feed that stands out, the simple point-and-shoot approach won’t cut it; you’ll need to be more creative and clever about the shots you take. Below, we list easy photography tips and tricks that will let even the most amateur of shutterbugs get dynamic photos:



Play with perspective.

Don’t stick to just eye-level shots. You can capture more unique images by trying out different angles and distances.



Get to know your gear better.

Utilize your phone’s built-in shortcuts and features: such as the volume button, which can be used to snap photos, and the ambient flash, which allows for a more flattering shot.



Keep an eye out for patterns.

Repeating patterns always make for an interesting picture, especially when they’re hiding in plain sight.



Make use of reflections.

Just like patterns, reflections can be found everywhere if you just look hard enough. Rather than going for the straightforward shot, snap the reflection or put it in the frame for a more artistic execution.



Keep your lines straight.

When framing your shot, create symmetry and order by lining up your angles and edges.



Introduce different levels to your wide-angle shots.

Add depth and dimension to your photo by making use of varying heights, distances, and shapes. This works especially well for wide-angle shots where the play on levels can be seen.



Experiment with focus and aperture.

By blurring out the background and creating a bokeh effect, you can bring more attention to your subject in the foreground.


These are just some of the basic techniques and photography hacks out there that can help you get a better shot. But at the end of the day, nothing but practice will help you snap shot after awesome shot.


Of course, using reliable tools is still very important. While there’s no need to cash out for high-end and uber expensive cameras, you should still keep quality in mind when picking your device.


One budget-friendly choice is the Huawei Nova 2i. With its four cameras (13MP dual-lens in the front for profile-picture-worthy selfies; powerful 16MP dual-lens in the back for premium snapshot performance), you’ll be nailing #feedgoals with no problem at all. Thanks to its 5.9” MaxView display, you’ll be able to enjoy every aspect of your phone photos, too! Next time you want to practice your photography skills, make sure it’s with the Huawei Nova 2i in hand.


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