The Best Meme-Worthy Moments from Alden Richards' "I Wash It That Way" Music Video

Can you tell which 90s song it borrows its melody from?


( Alden Richards has had it going on for years now, but his latest music video is proof that he has hidden talents. In “I Wash It That Way,” the heartthrob plays the frontman of a 90s-inspired boy band whose sole mission is to alert everyone to the dangers of airborne germs. It’s as wacky as it sounds, which is why we think its worth a watch.


The video is chock-ful of hilarious, larger-than-life moments, with Alden proving he’ll do anything and go anywhere just for laughs. The catchy, nostalgic tune alone is a real earworm, but the video is more than that; missing out on the full video would make your experience incomplete. Here are our favorite bits in case you needed more convincing:


Alden starts by showing he’s got the 90s boy band moves down pat, especially with the point-and-wink combo. Somewhere out there, a herd of teenaged girls is screaming.



But then, he pulls apart this family’s walls to reveal backup dancers? How long have they been hiding there???



Alden takes the family outside to some dusty streets, and doesn't even flinch when a big exhaust cloud blows towards him. 



Random woman on the street sneezes then transforms into a backup dancer for Alden, and she is all-in! You go, Sneezer-Woman!



The video ends with Alden showing us just how proud he is that he...ER, showers. We should all be as proud of our personal hygiene as he is.



In all seriousness, though, the music video does have a really valuable message to share: that germs can be spread through the very air we breathe, and that proper hygiene can help protect us from #HANGINfection. Showering every day with a trusted, PAMET-recommended soap like Safeguard can shield us from airborne germs and bacteria that surround us. And if it takes the Pambansang Bae forming his own 90s boy band—or is it “baeband?”—to spread that message, then you can count us in as instant fans.


Watch the entire video here:



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