10 Non-Movie Things That Made Star Wars: The Last Jedi More Fun

Because the lead up to the film was just as fun.


(SPOT.ph) Let’s face it: Christmas is officially Star Wars season. There’s no shying away from the fact that Star Wars: The Last Jedi has permeated our consciousness, and that the Internet is breaking because of it. But aside from the movie itself, Episode 8 is awesome even offscreen because of:


The Fans

Even before the movie hit theatres, the excitement from fans was electrifying.


The Cosplay

Whether it’s an official premiere or a regular screening, you’re bound to see people watch in their Star Wars costumes or Star Wars-themed outfits.


The Lightsabers

Not only do you get epic battles onscreen, you also get to play with actual lightsabers at select photo booths. You might have even been lucky enough to see live lightsaber exhibition battle by FightSaber PH, or have bumped into this saber-wielding lass


The Kids

And the kids at heart! Everyone dons a look of awe when Star Wars enters the conversation.


The Merchandise

From animatronic BB-8 spheroid droids to official clothing, Star Wars season means there’s more cool stuff to buy.


The Fact That People Know What You’re Talking About Now

These days, "The Force" and "lightsabers" are household terms.


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The Discussions

For many fans, one of the best things about watching Star Wars are the pre- and post-film discussions. And it's not always so serious—some of these conversations are downright funny


The Heroism

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