10 Pieces of Dating Advice From Celebrities

Some of them had to learn the hard way

Believe it or not, when it comes to dating, celebrities don't have it easier than average guys. In fact, some of them had to learn the hard way. Here are ten pieces of dating advice from AXE Council members David Guison, LA Aguinaldo, and Tommy Esguerra—three gentlemen who have learned throughout the years what it takes to make a good impression and land that next date:

Make her feel special.
Show her that you’re interested. Don’t be easily distracted and keep your eyes locked on hers.

Compliment her.
Don’t hesitate to tell her that she looks great. Just remember to keep it sincere.

Express yourself.
Talk about your hobbies. You might be surprised to find out that she shares them, too!

Be a gentleman.
Mind your manners, and don’t forget to get the door or the chair for her.

Be cool.
Patience is a virtue. Don’t bombard her with texts and calls.

Be confident.
Whether it’s in the way you offer her a drink or ask her to dance...

Be attentive, listen to her.
Put your phone away—she deserves your attention.

Less effort, more style.
It’s not about wearing flashy clothes. It's about knowing what works well for you and going from there.

Take her somewhere romantic.
A restaurant with a view is always nice. Our tip: Make a reservation!

Stay sophisticated.
A fire might erupt from the kitchen, her ex could show up and make trouble—either way, always carry yourself with dignity.

You know they're saying all the right things when a woman of Lovi Poe's caliber gives her seal of approval. Watch this:

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