10 Secrets Runners Won't Tell You

Heat rash in the middle of a run = NO

What's the difference between you and your runner friends? Not much, really, except that they make running look really easy while you're huffing and puffing on the pavement. Truth is, they've got their own issues with their preferred sport, too! Below are the 10 secrets runners always experience but will never tell you.

Getting up before 6 a.m. for an early morning run is like rising from the grave
Unless you’re a morning person, waking up before the sun rises is not something one just simply gets used to. But hey, maybe today is the day you beat your record!

The constant battle between quenching your thirst versus having to pee in the middle of your run
Nothing like an internal crisis to start your morning! You end up drinking water anyway because you don’t want to pass out and wake up in the emergency room.

…and then having to find a place where you can pee
Just when you’ve finally found your rhythm, your bladder decides it’s time to empty itself.

Shopping for cute activewear is actually the best part about running
It’s just like the excitement you get when buying new school supplies for the new school year! Cute workout clothes are where the road to fitness begins!

Trying to run casually when your jam comes on
“Wannabe” starts to play and there you are, trying to act like you’re serious about running when you’re actually prancing IRL.

The awful leg cramps you have to endure
…and how you have to act like you’ve got everything under control even if muscle cramps are not something that get better over time. Why do you even try running, again?

Slow crowds irk you
You know, those people who take up the entire sidewalk and there’s nothing you can do because there’s nine of them and one of you.

Of course, the inevitable wedgie
Someone has yet to invent bottoms that are wedgie-proof!

Getting uneven tan lines
You know, because the sun always hits just one arm and one side of your face. Your body is practically tricolor! Let’s not even begin to talk about how white your feet are.

And finally, the horrific heat rash
Especially now that summer is just around the corner, getting a heat rash is as inevitable as that runners’ wedgie. When that happens, just whip out your Fissan Prickly Heat EXTRA COOL Powder.

Fissan Prickly Heat Extra Cool Powder prepares you for your long run under the swelterning summer sun. It contains menthol that gives an instant cooling effect, hydrolyzed milk protein that nourishes skin and talc that absorbs moisture. Just pat the powder on the affected area, continue your run, and see how easily you can pretend that heat rash never even happened!

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Fissan.
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