10 Subtle Ways Pinoys Show Their Style

Which ones do you do?


(SPOT.ph) Subtlety is its own art form, especially when it comes to your outfits. Being able to inject personality into an outfit without overwhelming everything else is an underappreciated skill. Thankfully, there are several hacks Pinoys use to achieve this every day:


Graphic Socks

Graphic socks are a subtle way to add more of your personality to your outfit because they’re hidden underneath your pants—until you flaunt them.


T-Shirts with Blazers

Adding a blazer over a crisp, white shirt elevates the style factor accelerating from “I’m just heading out to buy some groceries” to “Let’s go on a date” in nothing flat.


The Brief Tuck

What Pinoy hasn’t tucked his button-down shirt into his underwear? This style hack, usually used during formal events, gives your shirt the tightest tuck possible, minimizing wrinkles.


Pearly White Sneaks

Pristine shoes, especially if they’re white, make a world of difference to your outfits. A toothbrush, some soap, and a little bit of elbow grease are all that separate your kicks from muddy stompers to stylish walkers.


Tropical Layers

Throwing on a short-sleeved polo over your undershirt not only makes you look smart in tropical weather, but also hides sweaty armpits. Baskil is never fashionable.


Peekaboo Tattoos

Having a tattoo peeking out from underneath your clothing can boost your personal style. It spells mystery, and a lot of people tend to find that really sexy.


Colored Temples

The temples—the part of eye glasses that run across the side of your head and hook onto the ear (now you know!)—are a great, subtle place to make a style statement. A solid block of color makes you seem a lot less boring, and it’s usually far enough from the rest of your outfit that it doesn’t really clash with anything.


Cuffing Jeans

Jeans are so commonplace, they can get a little boring. Folding cuffs breaks the monotony while also subtly highlighting your socks and shoes.


Staying Neutral

Blacks, whites, and grays are always in fashion. Make sure that you use varying shades of neutrals to create depth and contrast. 


Pops of Color

A pair of bright socks provides great visual contrast against black pants and shoes, while a colorful watch brings life to the white-tee-and-blue-jeans combo. It’s a subtle style choice that makes you stand out.


Even the Nissan Juke N-Style, with its Moroccan Gray body and orange accents, looks absolutely stylish thanks to that pop of color.



This subcompact crossover exhibits a fun, carefree personality without being overbearingly loud, just like your outfits should. In fact, it might just be the perfect thing to complete your aesthetic.


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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Nissan.
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