Dog and the City: 10 Most Canine-Friendly Places

Your four-legged best bud doesn't have to stay stuck at home while you're out enjoying the weekend. SPOT scoped out some pet-friendly places around the city where you and your pooch can play.

Before taking your dog out, make sure that his vaccinations are updated. You should also prepare a travel kit that includes water, a portable water bowl, doggie treats, poopie bags (always, always pick up after your dog), newspaper or rags (for when he has an "accident" indoors), a towel or a mat for him to lie down on while you're dining (to catch crumbs, soak up water spills, and keep his mess in check), and an extra leash (if your dog has the habit of chewing through his leash). Finally, make sure you bring his updated vaccination card with you.

The plaza at Eastwood Mall is a great place to take your dog for a walk


Put him on a leash, make sure he has his dog tag on, and you're all set. (Just a tip: Don't take your dog out when it's raining or when it's too hot out. The pads on their paws are sensitive and walking on a hot pavement can really hurt your dog's feet.)

Eastwood City Walk
Eastwood City Walk is perhaps the first pet-friendly shopping center in the city, where pets are welcome even inside the mall. Special mention must go to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Not only do they allow your pet inside (which is great when it's hot outside), they even take the time to say hi to your dog. If you and your pet are regulars, they greet your pooch by name whenever you drop by. They're so pet-friendly that PAWS gave them a Golden Paw Award in 2005.

Eastwood Mall
Just across the street is the newer Eastwood Mall , where dogs are also welcome. Just make sure to get your Pet Pass at the concierge. There's plenty of room at the plaza for your dog to walk around and socialize with other pups. Owners of big dogs need not worry about moving from floor to floor; you can either take the elevator or the outdoor stairs. Almost all the restos have al fresco dining areas, plus My Thai and Starbucks have tables set up along the mall's air-conditioned walkways. Some shops allow small dogs inside their stores, too.

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The grassy area at Bonifacio High Street won't hurt your pooch's paws even on a hot day

Bonifacio High Street (BHS)

BHS is a great place to socialize your dog. On weekends, you can't take two steps without bumping into someone with a dog. Pets are so welcome that most shoppers and diners have come to expect them, sometimes even taking the time to greet and pet your dog. The spacious grassy area in the middle of the complex and the wide sidewalks are definitely a plus. Hobbes and Landes keeps a bowl of fresh water at their Dog Bar to welcome thirsty pets. They also have a Petropolis section where they sell treats, collars and leashes, toys, grooming products, and premium dog food. Stop by their café, where you and your dog can spend some time together and maybe share a fro-yo for dessert.


SM Mall of Asia
Pets are welcome at Mall of Asia's open areas, where they provide poop bag dispensers and dog poop receptacles. Since the mall is located beside the bay, you can take your dog for a seaside walk, too!

The Clubhouse, Corinthian Hills
Bring your dog with you for brunch, lunch, merienda or dinner at one of the outdoor seating areas of UCC Cafe, Starbucks, or Grand Caffe Casanova. It's the perfect place for just lazing around with your dog on a weekend.

Bow and Wow, Shangri-la Mall
Pets aren't allowed beyond Bow and Wow so park your car at the parking area near Crossings Department Store, where you can access an entrance right beside Bow and Wow. This pet supply store specializes in hard-to-find premium dog food brands like Orijen, Canidae, Taste of the Wild and Merrick, as well as other essential dog supplies. The staff is made up of friendly, knowledgeable dog-lovers.


You can shop for dog supplies at the Pet Village, where there are so many shops, you're sure to find whatever you need. You'll see all sorts of dogs there, and you and your pooch can just relax in one of their many wooden swinging seats and hammocks.

Taking your pet to new places gives him a chance to interact with other dogs


La Mesa Ecopark
If you and your pooch are dog-tired from hitting the shopping malls and are looking for a change of scenery, pack up a picnic basket, put on your walking shoes, and head out to La Mesa Ecopark. Trek the Petron Fitness and Mountain Bike Trail; don't worry too much about the heat, there are plenty of trees that shade the trail. If you get tired or hungry, set up a picnic blanket at the Lopez Picnic Grounds and grill some hotdogs for a long, lazy lunch.

Velasquez Park, Salcedo Village
People who live nearby take their dogs out for a walk in Velasquez Park, so your pup will not only get his daily exercise, he can socialize with other dogs, too. If you're looking for yummy finds, you can also drop by the Salcedo Weekend Market on Saturdays.

Quezon City Memorial Circle
For those who live in Q.C., you can drop by the Quezon City Memorial Circle. The Q.C. Circle is an expansive park where you and your dog can get plenty of exercise by jogging in the circular path. Not up for exercise? You can bring the whole family for a picnic or do some tiangge shopping as well.


Photos by Maggie Adan

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