3 Paper Toss Trick Shots to Master at Work

Sure makes work more fun!

(SPOT.ph) The Filipino's love for basketball knows no bounds. From dirt patches with makeshift rings fashioned out of wire; to barangay courts, or swanky air-conditioned gyms, put a ball in a Pinoy's hands and he knows what to do with it. This love for the game is pure. So pure, in fact, that it has transcended the four corners of the basketball arena and established itself in more unconventional locations. 

Like the office: where paper, constantly crumpled up, finds its way to the bottom of trash cans. What's that you hear? Is that a swishing noise in your head every time a paper ball goes in a basket? You bet it is! As the cool kids say nowadays, #BallIsLife. And, consequently, since we have to make a living through work, it's only natural that basketball finds its way into the Pinoy workplace. How's that for an absolute love of hoops? Watch the following videos and find inspiration in your next shot, which just might get you a chance to watch the NBA Global Games for free!

The Paper Jamma-Slamma 
Ever feel like going nuclear on a stupid printer that always jams? Here's how to take care of that frustration.

The Cross-Cubicle Cruise Missile 
Neck deep in revisions? Sometimes the trash can right next to you simply just doesn't cut it.

The Delegation Dunk
In the office, everything is about teamwork. It's best to get everyone involved when it counts.

The feeling of sinking a seemingly impossible shot is like no other—even if the shot made is with a crumpled paper ball into a waste basket! It calls for a celebration: and what better way to celebrate sinking a clutch hail mary—real basketball or not—than to watch a live NBA game! And if you think you can sink and film an awesome trick shot, you might just get a chance to do that!

Join the #ShootLikeTheNBA promo and get a chance to watch the Houston Rockets and New Orleans Pelicans play in the NBA Global Games in Shanghai on October 9. All you have to do is:

1. Upload a video of yourself with your most creative trick shot on Facebook or Instagram (with your account set to "Public"), with the hashtag #ShootLikeTheNBA. Make sure to "Like" and tag @NBAPhilippines for the entry to be valid
2. The 2 most creative trick shots will win a trip to Shanghai to watch the NBA Global Games live with Gerald Anderson
3. Runners-up will win exclusive NBA merchandise. 

Sounds like fun, right? Deadline for entries is midnight, Monday, September 19, 2016, so get those entries filmed and tagged! For more information on the contest mechanics, click here or log on to www.shootlikethenba.com/philippines for the complete mechanics.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Globe - NBA.
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