4 Easy Ways To Make Landi With Your Eyes

Because you believe in love at nth sight!

Since eye-contact is one of the most effective ways to convey sincerity when speaking, our eyes actually play a pretty major role in communication. And what's our favorite form of communication, especially with crush? Flirting, of course! Combine the two, and you get these four ways to flirt with your eyes like nobody's business!

Hold his gaze
They say your eyes are the windows to your soul. So show the lucky guy just how gorgeous you are inside out by confidently establishing and maintaining eye-contact. Don't be too intense though—you don't want to scare him off!

Flutter your eyelashes
A romantic, fluttery flash of your pretty peepers is a great way to catch your crush's attention. But don't overdo it by batting your eyes hard enough to be his personal electric fan! Remember, keep it sweet and subtle.

Wink at him
Some people have mastered the perfect flirty wink and can toss one to their crushes with no problems at all. Others though end up awkwardly squinting and looking like they've got something in their eyes. Keep practicing until you make it!

Practice your smize
Smizing isn't just for taking top model-worthy headshots. If you can smile with your eyes, you can do anything—including letting crush know just how much you like him (hint, hint).

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