Profiling James Yap: 10 Things to Help Us Decipher His "Strong But Silent" Ways lists 10 things that might explain why Kris Aquino's soon-to-be-ex is who he is.

Already a basketball superstar when he was a student at the University of the East, James Carlos Yap Sr., achieved superstardom when he married TV host-actress Kris Aquino. He’s always been a man of a few words, causing pundits to jokingly referred to him as "cute but mute." He’s hard to read, to say the least. plays pop profiler by analyzing 10 things that may tell us what makes him tick.


Is what we see what we get with James Yap?


1. His height makes him hot. In a BBC News article titled "Tall men ’top husband stakes,’" Daniel Nettle of the UK-based Open University said, "It seems that tall men and petite women are favoured in evolutionary terms, even in a modern population." It was also stated in the article that "taller men are deemed more sexually attractive and are more likely to find a mate." This could explain part of Yap’s sex appeal.


2. He favors a simple life. In an interview with entertainment reporter Jobert Sucaldito for James Yap Online, Yap said that he had been fond of eating sandwiches filled with Star Margarine and a little bit of sugar. We wonder if he has acquired a taste for fine dining by now. Even if he has, Yap continues to look uncomfortable when he’s being interviewed. It seems he has not yet settled into his celebrity status.


James Yap has never quite mastered the art of public speaking...and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.



3. He’s an Aquarian. His February 15 birthdate makes him part of Aquarius’ realm. According to, he can be "friendly, humanitarian, and loyal" but he could also be "perverse, unpredictable, and detached." It may be recalled that many people wondered how James could remain impassive and seem detached during President Corazon "Cory" Aquino’s funeral while his wife was continuously crying. Perhaps, it’s how he copes with emotionally charged situations. Kris Aquino is also an Aquarian and, according to the Find Your Fate chart, it’s a toss-up when two Aquarians get together. They have to work at it.


4. He’s got groupies. With so many women allegedly (such as Mayen Austria) throwing themselves at him, it must take a lot of self-control for Yap to ignore them or brush them off. In any case, he’d also be in danger of liking the attention too much. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology revealed that men "are simply not programmed to resist temptation." The study explained: "Scientists found that men are inclined to evaluate their partner more negatively if they meet an attractive available woman." Moreover, men also "think that flirting with an attractive woman will not do any harm to their relationships." Does Yap have what it takes to reprogram his gender’s intrinsic genetic code?


5. He’s got wide-set eyes. According to metaphysics consultant Joey Yap (no relation to James) in Feng Shuilogy, people with wide-set eyes are "easygoing, slow, and ponderous." As we all know, the cager’s answers have to be pried out of him during interviews.

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In 2008, James Yap figured in a scuffle with Talk ’N Text player Terence Leather, an import whose temper had blown up during a game.


6. He’s got an impish side. In 2008, Yap paid a P50,000 fine for kicking Talk ’N Text player Terence Leather, an import who had blown up during a game with Yap’s Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants. Yap had kicked Leather from behind, supposedly to keep him from hurting Yap’s fellow player. In an interview following the incident, Yap was remorseful but some sports fans alleged that he had a naughty smile as Leather chased him on the hardcourt.


7. He can compartmentalize. Psychologists say that men can usually compartmentalize their relationships. Yap is a typical male as he is able to block out his personal worries or heartaches and keep doing his job. Last June 23, reported that "despite having very publicized marital problems with his wife Kris Aquino, James Yap led his basketball team B-Meg Derby Ace to a 101-83 win over Barangay Ginebra." Perhaps, it’s also because basketball is more logical than his personal life right now.


8. He’s in the "intimacy versus isolation" stage. At age 28, Yap, according to psychologist Erik Ericson’s stages of human development, is at that point in his life where he is looking for "mutually satisfying relationships, primarily through marriage and friends." If he can "negotitate this stage successfully," he will gain emotional maturity and be able to "experience intimacy on a deep level." If he fails to resolve his issues at this stage, he’ll most likely continue to feel "emotionally isolated" even when he’s with a partner.



9. He’s a Rooster. Born in 1982, Yap is classified as a Metal Rooster, who, according to the Chinese Horoscope, are known as "reasonable people who seem to analyze every decision they make and every situation they find themselves in." They can also be "standoffish at times and can let their aggression get in the way of a blossoming friendship or romance." Kris Aquino, born on February 14, 1971, is a Metal Dog. According to the compatability analysis, the Rooster and the Dog will  have an obstacle-ridden relationship but that their union can stay solid if they make a solid commitment to each other.


10. He’s a "Mechanic." Among the 16 personality types classified in the Myers Briggs personality test, Yap would most likely be a "Mechanic." This means that he is a "risk-taker who lives for the moment." Mechanics are also talented in sports, "uncomplicated in their desires," as well as "loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems." But "they’re not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done." Thus, they’re often "detached and analytical." In the wake of Yap’s estrangement from Kris Aquino, Yap’s B-Meg Derby Ace Llamados coach Ryan Gregorio told about Yap’s unflappability. " You cannot see any difference," Gregorio said. "He has this laid back demeanor that never changes whether he is excited or depressed. He still looks and acts the same."




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