Top 10 Places to Dump Your Kids rounded up the best kid-friendly activity centers, theme parks, sports camps and more.

( There are times when a parent needs to do what she needs to do-alone. That's right, with no kids in tow. Whether they'll be gone for an hour (i.e. in the supermarket: "I just shop a hell lot faster when I don't have to return every Yanyan, Kitkat, and V-cut the kids throw into the cart!") or for an entire afternoon (i.e. at the spa: "My feet are starting to grow roots! This might take a while"), parents do feel that pang of guilt leaving their kids at home, only with their childminder, especially if it's the weekend and all are supposed to be basking in each other's company in the living room, the way they do in those ads for the new LCD TV.


Here's the "everybody happy" solution: dump your kids somewhere nice. At your in-laws' is perfect: you trust the old geezer, he truly loves your kid, and the services come free of charge. But he's not available all the time, he has his own cardiologist checkup to go to. rounded up the best places for you to leave your kids for whenever you need to do things solo por ti.


(The places are judged according to the following criteria: overall safety, fun factor, promotion of proper child development, staff courtesy, and proximity to 'mommy areas of interest'.)



Nikki Constantino is the managing editor of Smart Parenting magazine.


Artwork by Warren Espejo

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