5 Effortless Hair Care Tricks for This Summer

Keep your locks healthy in the heat.

(SPOT.ph) The summer season usually means fun under the sun, but soaking up in the sun can lead to dry, damaged hair. Find the right balance by keeping these hair tricks in mind:

Air-dry your hair as much as possible
Blow-drying your hair in the summer can make your scalp extra sweaty and oily. Air-dry instead. For faster drying time, use ultra-absorbent towels and fluff your hair at the roots.

Keep your hairstyles simple and loose
Give your hair a break from tight buns every once in a while—it will allow your scalp to breathe.


Avoid shampooing before hitting the water
Let your hair’s natural oils protect you from the harsh chemicals of the pool or the salty seawater. Shampoo only after your dip.


Drink lots of water
If you want to keep your hair hydrated, then keep your whole body hydrated. The right amount of agua doesn’t just help stimulate hair growth, but also keeps your scalp from drying out and flaking.

Use the right products to breathe life into your tresses
When the summer sun is ablaze, your hair needs to be able to withstand the damage caused by the heat. Keep your hair in the best condition by using Dove Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner. They penetrate deep into your strands and nourish from within, keeping your hair healthy and hydrated. You don’t even have to worry about possible future damage.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Dove.
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