5 Low-Key Ways to Bring on the Kilig

Hashtag sarap magpakilig!

The pressure to plan a grandiose, let alone a memorable, Valentine’s Day for someone you’re trying to woo can get overwhelming. But expressing your affection toward your crush doesn’t always have to be done in notice-me, extravagant gestures. There are low-key ways to make your special someone feel extra special even without making dinner reservations at a Michelin-star restaurant or giving a dozen Ecuadorian roses. With a little creativity, you can break the ice and bring on the
kilig without being too flashy or burning a hole in your pocket. Try these tips.

Make it personal
Write a poem, draw an artwork, compile a playlist—whatever it is give something you personally made. Doing so sends the message that you made an effort to make them smile. If you’re a gifted lyricist, why not compose a song dedicated to your amore? Worked for James Reid!

Be generous with your compliments
Nothing gets a guy’s or girl’s attention than telling them how good they look or smell. But remember, authenticity is key. Don’t hide behind a keypad or keyboard. Flattery is better said and done face-to-face.

Lend a hand
Hold out the door. Do them a favor. Go the extra mile to offer your help. Cliche much? We think not. Doing simple acts of kindness prove that you care a lot and can instantly turn up your kilig factor. Be careful not to overdo it, though, lest you get mistaken for a creepy stalker.

Humor has it 
You don’t have to be a stand up comic to make the apple of your eye laugh out loud.Trying to be funny can be an effective way to create a connection. You may not really be that hilarious, but your crush just might find your eagerness cute.

Say it with ice cream
Listen, if you really want your crush to notice you without going over-the-top, say it with the right kind of sweets. Giving three-piece chocolates may be too forward. Sending cake might be an exaggerated gesture, not to mention an expensive token. Veer away from cheesy and awkward cliches and make that first move to that special someone in your own cool way. Fun, simple and sweet - the new Cornetto Like You A Latte is a good example. It's a subtle hint of "coffee date" with punny flattery, plus you're sure to get that sweet moment with your crush before the ice cream melts!

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