5 Places for a Friendly Father and Son Competition

Perfect for the naturally competitive types.


(SPOT.ph) What usually happens on Father's Day? The family goes out, you have a nice meal, you joke around about dad's receding hairline, everyone has a laugh, dad feels great, and then you all go home. 


While there's nothing wrong with that, it's pretty humdrum and ordinary. And while dad is too cool to complain, you should opt to do something to shake things up. 


Back in the day, as a strapping young buck your dad (just like you) was a very competitive person. This Father's Day, stoke the fire of competition and have a very #UnFathersDay with your old man at Eastwood City. Ditch the cliched buffet and, instead, #ExperienceDiverCity with some of the active lifestyle offerings at Eastwood City: have a friendly competion at the gym, at the bowling alley, at the archery range, at the arcade—you can even have an eating contest! 


So this time around, surprise pop with a Father's Day celebration he won't soon forget. And you know what? The best part is that it doesn't have to be Father's Day for you to be able to do all these activities. Both of you are sure to schedule another round soon! 


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