5 Tell-Tale Signs You're Adulting Right

It's never easy, but it can be done.

(SPOT.ph) Adulthood is a challenging, oftentimes tedious, process. You have concerns more important than, say, what you’ll be wearing the next day or which smartphone you’ll end up getting next. Sometimes, it feels like you’re relying on guesswork and you’re not entirely sure if you’re doing things right.

If you find yourself doing the following things, however, it’s very likely that you’re on the right track:

You’re watching what you eat.

The slower metabolism helps, but you’ve also noticed that binging on junk food one day makes you feel sluggish the next. So, you’re making healthier eating choices now, with more fruits and veggies and all that other good stuff. You're starting to think about your future, and to reach your goals, you need to be healthy enough to work toward them.

You’re paying the bills.

Paying the bills may be a hassle, but the fact that you’re paying them is a mark of adulthood. Embracing responsibilities is a sign of maturity. You might have to save up for gadgets and whatnot a little longer, but now you have conveniences you couldn’t afford when you were youngerlike your own phone line or a beefed-up internet connection.

You go home earlier on nights out.

We talk about being titas and titos all the time, but being an adult means making better lifestyle choices. An earlier bedtime does have a ton of benefits: you won’t be hungover at work the next day; your voice won’t get so raspy from screaming at the bar, and hey—you’re saving money! 

You’re staying at home more.

Inviting friends to come over instead of going out is not only more practical—it also gives you the liberty to decide how much and what kind of fun you’ll be having. You get to decide what food to serve, what music to play, and who to spend your precious time with. Plus, if you’re hosting, you can always crawl straight to bed when the night’s over.

You’re considering actually buying a home.

That is, if you aren’t already paying for one. Nothing says “adulting” more than building the lifestyle you’ve always wanted and having your own home is where it all starts. The ability to choose where you live will not only have an impact on your personal branding, but it will also give you access and opportunities to live the way you really want to.

You’re making sure your finances are ready. You’re preparing your parents for the big step you’re about to take. You’re already planning out your furniture. You are getting ready to make it on your own, and that’s something you should definitely be proud of.

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