5 Things That Would Happen If Pinoys Had Faster Internet

These are the perks we're missing out on.

(SPOT.ph) Much has been said about our shortcomings as a country, but the one thing that's really hard to swallow is our limitations when it comes to Internet bandwidth. With all due respect to our network service providers, our speeds are still nowhere near as fast as Singapore's, Hong Kong's, or Japan's.

To give you an idea of the perks we're missing out on, here are some of the things that would happen if we get access to a high-speed broadband:

We would be able to stream HD videos with minimal buffering.
No more Facebook and YouTube clips that lag every couple of seconds!

We can enjoy online gaming as it was intended to be.
As popular online gaming is among Pinoys, the experience can be disappointing due to in-game delays and lack of responsiveness. A super fast broadband means a richer gaming experience.

We can back up our files with ease.
Doing so usually takes ages, but with a high-speed Internet connection, we can easily store our files online using a Cloud storage service.

We can work from home more efficiently.
It would be easier to be productive without having to check in at the office. And on days when an emergency meeting is required, you can even do video conference calls at the comfort of your bedroom. Just make sure you're dressed properly!

We can fill up our laptop and phone with songs and movies in seconds.
Imagine having your favorite artist's entire catalogue in a span of a quick shower or nap—you will literally run out of movies to watch and songs to listen to.

In fact, with a high-speed broadband service, you can do all of the above at the same time. Here's the good news: In a bid to better provide the public affordable and high-speed Internet, PLDT expanded its Fibr optic network, reaching over 2.5 million homes across the country.

The aggressive roll-out campaign means PLDT Home Fibr now has the most extensive Fibr coverage in the Philippines. Fibr now serves areas as far as Laoag to Sorsogon, El Nido to Tagbiliran, Bacolod to Zamboanga, delivering unlimited broadband of 20 Mbps up to 1 Gbps internet speeds, with equal downloading and uploading speeds.

With prices as low as P1899, Fibr makes fast Internet no longer an exclusive perk of the affluent, and instead something the everyman can afford. With Fibr, the days of breaking the bank just to get a speedy connection can be deemed over.

Visit http://pldthome.com/fibr to find out more.

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