5 Times Pia Wurtzbach Proved She's the Coolest Miss Universe Ever

Confidently beautiful all year long!

After spending the past year watching Pia Wurtzbach do her thing on TV and social media, we now have every reason to believe that she's the coolest Miss Universe winner in the history of...well, the universe. From the moment she took home the crown up to this very day, Pia has been nothing but classy, kalog, and yes, confidently beautiful. Here are five of our favorite Queen P moments so far:

That one time she proudly called herself a gamer.
Who knew that Pia was an avid gamer? Just like the rest of us, she spent her childhood playing video games after a long day at work or at school. And you know what? We bet she still does.

That one time she made fun of her own Miss Universe win.
Much has been said about Pia's controversial coronation, but the one thing she doesn't mind are the jokes that came with it. She even asked her followers to send her some memes!

That one time she acted like a fangirl.
Pia may have ascended to household name status after winning the crown, but that doesn't mean she doesn't freak out in the presence of other celebrities anymore.

That one time she became BFFs with a former rival.
Pia and Miss U.S.A. Olivia Jordan spent a lot of time together at last year's Miss Universe pageant, so it's no surprise that they're now super close friends.

That one time she turned heads with her beyond beautiful hair.
Besides being a Miss Universe winner, Pia is also known for her effortlessly beautiful hair. No matter what she’s up to, her long locks are always stylish—which explains why she always seems so effortlessly beautiful herself.

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