5 Unique Things You Discover When You Train to Be a Ninja

Learning these unique skills can teach you a few #MoreThanTheUsual things about life!

(SPOT.ph) Unbeknownst to many, ninjas still walk the streets of today. Thought they only existed during the times of the Japanese emperors? Nope! They’re still around! And you can even train to be one! Though you probably won’t learn how to be a stealthy assassin anymore (we hope!), training like a ninja will teach you a few extraordinary things about life:

There’s more to life than abs. Imagine a life where you can carry the groceries with ease, climb a flight of stairs without needing to catch your breath, or bend down to pick something up without worrying you’ll break your back. When you train like a ninja, you won’t need to post a hundred #GymSelfies because you know you’d rather be healthy and functionally strong for everyday activities.

Learning to be quick and agile will save you someday. Moving so fast that you’re practically invisible will not just work when you’re running after a snatcher who got your bag; but learning how to be quick and agile means you’ve got to figure out how to think on your toes at all times, ready for anything that life throws—both figuratively and literally—your way.

Pushing yourself beyond your limits = confidence booster. Testing your limits and surpassing them, will often result in some bumps and bruises. But you’ll feel like if you survived that, you can do anything. That feeling of invincibility comes with knowing that you can overcome any obstacle—anytime, anywhere.

Adapt or become extinct. Ninjas adapt to each situation with lightning speed. Call it survival instinct or muscle memory, but when you train to become a ninja, you learn that adapting quickly to situations will become part of you, and something you can use in every part of your life—from keeping your chill when you’re stuck in traffic, to getting over heartbreak or a broken bone.

You’ll be a student of life for all time. Even the most awesome of ninjas weren’t born with mad skills. They all started from the bottom, and kept leveling up. They never stopped learning; whether it’s mastering a new move or overcoming a new obstacle, when you train to be a ninja, you know it’s okay to be a noob because learning is simply part of the training.

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