6 Activities for a #FreshYouYear

Surfing is just SO 2015. Time to step out of your comfort zone!

(Spot.ph) Goodbye, 2015—hello, 2016! This year is extra excellent because it gives you an extra day (366 total!) to take things up a notch and live life on the edge. It’s time to start doing things that up your confidence while making you feel like you can conquer anything. Check out these activities and get closer to having a truly #FreshYouYear.

1. Say "Yeah!" to Extreme Adventures
Again, surfing is just so 2015! Go for something rough and rocky this time; drive up the mountains of Tanay and check out Masungi Georeserve—a 1500+ hectare maze of majestic limestone formations filled with adrenaline-pumping rope bridges, staircases, caves, and obstacle courses. Marvel at the glorious view of the Sierra Madre while standing on a giant manmade web and soak up the awesomeness of nature while chilling on a giant hammock.

Literally, the definitoin of "rope bridge"

2. Shake Up Gym Time

You could do with a brand new routine at the gym. Try an indoor spinning or rowing class, and get pumped with bumping tunes and energetic instructors! Spin and row to a slimmer, fitter, more confident you!
Or you could just learn how to do this using a plain, old treadmill...

3. #DressToImpress
Do away with the pambahay look this 2016. There's nothing quite like sporting new, stylish duds to get your confidence going. Make an adventure out of finding your new look—even shopping sprees can be exciting! Try everything, and see what porma works for you.

The real question is: "Am i wearing the right clothes for me?" 

4. Be a Festival Hunter 
And not just music festivals (although those are always fun and great places to meet like-minded individuals.) Be open to food, religious, sporting, and cultural festivals to cultivate a broader perspective on people, your surroundings, and life in general. Instant confidence-booster right there!

That looks like an AWESOME time! 

5. Go Solo
Book a trip somewhere and visit by yourself. It can be anywhere in the world, but the sensation of going on a journey by yourself is a great bucket list item. There are tons of travel packages online, so step out of your comfort zone, meet new people, and gain new friends!

Ladies and gents, presenting: The "solo high-five" (actually, its pretty excellent!)

6. You Gotta Smile
It might sound like old school advice (to a certain extent, yes, it is) but this one is a golden rule you should uphold. Just don't go all Joker-creepy with it. Sharing a smile, having a positive aura, these are the things that pay your fresh start forward—and it all starts with you!

A smile like that means you're definitely excited for the new year!  

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