6 Very Do-Able Goals for Young Families

Setting achievable goals will make this chapter in your life more interesting and exciting.

Though it’s been a while since the wedding bells rang and you are now way past the honeymoon stage of your marriage, you and your spouse are definitely still eager to discover what’s up ahead. Now, you’re gonna embark on a new phase with a different set of plans. Exciting times lie up ahead, and surely one or more of the following figure into your game plan as a young couple.

1. Traveling together as a couple (or, when the time comes, as a family)

You’ll set aside a budget for this because you want to see the world together (it’s also very likely that your love for travel attracted you to each other so many years ago. And, perhaps, a love of cute cat GIFs).

2. Going on regular mom and dad date nights

If there’s a simple way to rekindle the kilig in your relationship, going out on dates is it. Each date, moving forward, will be a special treat for you both.

3. Making time for your kids’ school activities

Sports games, recitals, plays, moving up day—yeah, you should be there. Be proud for junior.

4. Regular trips to hang with lolo and lola (both sets of them)

Emphasis on that last part—you don’t want jealousy to brew between the ‘rents.

5. Owning a pet

The unconditional love you get from a pet is like no other. Plus, you and your family learn a spot of responsibility because owning a pet requires a lot of work.

6. Moving into a house

It’s safe to say that this is one of the real milestones of every family, for several reasons. The most important being, of course, that YOU HAVE A HOUSE.

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