Quotes of the Week: Former SAF Director Napeñas on Mamasapano, Vice President Binay on Makati + others

The city's most interesting soundbites this week

(SPOT.ph) This week, the circus was in Congress, a lot of people were huffing and puffing over #yayameals, and Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay triumphed over all obstacles. He continues to reign over his city, which he just can't stop serving. Meanwhile, P-Noy's just being P-Noy


Check out the week's news—in quotes.



1. "Massacre yun dahil binaril ng malapitan, at buhay pa, pinatay. 'Yun ang massacre." — Former SAF director Getulio Napeñas, on what happened in Mamasapano. 

No matter how much blame you want to put on the guy, you can't deny that the point he is making feels valid. 



2. "Natutuwa ako na napili at ipinagkatiwala ninyo sa aming lungsod na pangunahan ang napakahalagang pagpupulong na ito sa kabila ng pagtangka ng mga ambisyosyong tao na alisin sa puwesto ang halal na punong-lungsod ng Makati." — Vice President Jejomar Binay, on the Court of Appeals ruling in favor of his son Makati Mayor Junjun Binay.

Ambisyoso? On January 9, 1988, Michael Jackson released a single that's perfect for this moment.



3. "We are hoping that through disseminating correct and truthful information, Filipinos can thoroughly understand the position of the government." — Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr., on the drop in President Benigno Aquino III's approval rating.

We would actually appreciate it if correct and truthful information was being disseminated. What's up, FOI?



4. "I go for what needs to be there. Often people are desperate or ridiculous rather than heroic, so I do what needs to be done." — Actor Viggo Mortensen, on why he chooses the roles that he does.


We have all three in the Philippines. A lot of ridiculous stuff happening here, so we kind of get your point.



5. I know you're young but selfies are bad. Just take a normal photograph." — Prince Harry of Wales, who hates selfies.

There's a commercial featuring three people on a boat and when they see dolphins, they start taking selfies. If you don't see the sense in that, Prince Harry, you...are right.



6. "You can't just tell the person na I can't see you, wala akong oras, [or] busy ako. Why did you get yourself in that position?" — Celebrity Athlete Andre Paras, on why he is NGSB.

Nga naman!


7. "I’ve learned to accept the fact na marrying Toni means marrying all her family." — Director Paul Soriano, on his future.

That sounds...tricky. Best of luck!



8. "What we’re saying is it’s the peace process that’s the victim of this unfortunate incident." — Peace Panel Chairperson Miriam Coronel Ferrer, on more Mamasapano Clash casualties.

This clash also exposed a lot of ugly, ugly prejudices. 



9. "Manny is really against domestic violence." — Coach Freddie Roach, describing Manny Pacquiao.

YES! Let's knock that out!



10. "That is proof that our justice system is corrupt." — Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, on the Court of Appeals ruling in favor of Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay.


Go get 'em, Tiger? We're waiting. We've been waiting. A long, long time.


Art by Warren Espejo, with photos from PEP.ph and screenshots from Facebook fan pages, various TV show videos, news clips, and images used by fans in YouTube slideshows.

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