10 Little Things People Do That Will Make Your Day

Manong Guard with a smile and the waiter who knows what you need!


(SPOT.ph) Often, service people make the headlines when they do extreme things—astounding honesty, something scandalous, getting involved in a harrowing tragedy. Yet, all of them do something amazing every day: They've made it their business to make your life a little better. It’s not a stretch to call them genies—they do as we wish and they do it with a smile.


We don’t need to rub them and we’re not even legally bound to thank them...but we should. Because they are amazing and the little things they do turns a crummy day into a cheerful one.



The sales people who can answer your questions

It takes courage to ask questions and it takes a lot of patience to deal with some really, really confounding replies from some sales people...which means it takes a lot of restraint on our part to not engage in an inappropriate embrace with store staff who are able to tell us more about the product we’re considering. We especially love the lovely people who know where to go when you ask them about the inventory. They have a database! Who doesn’t love a well-curated database?


The guard who has perfected the art of a cheerful greeting

Polite, somewhat personalized, but definitely not creepy—we all have to deal with the stress of saying proper pleasantries when we encounter someone we already know. How much harder is it to have to keep smiling for hours on end? We’re also constantly amazed at guards who maintain courtesy in the face of rudeness.




The waiter who is aware of your needs

They don’t hide at the back of the restaurant and they swiftly go to your table when they see you looking up. That’s right. The best of them don’t even wait for you to raise your hand. They also magically appear to fill up your glass of water (or iced tea) and for that we hope they’re being paid well. These are the people you willingly tip!


The people at the fast food counter who take “fast” seriously

No chismis, just service. They can see that the line is long, so they move quickly, but also efficiently. They carefully avoid spills as they place your food on the tray or take-out bag, knowing that you’re in a hurry because lunch hour is not even a full hour. The way they move is strangely hypnotizing—like the insides of a clock with all the gears and whatnot in perfect order.

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The bagger who handles your items with care

There are horror stories involving broken eggs and baguettes snapped in two without permission. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the plastic or paper bag can’t hold all those cans and heavy bottles...yet some brave people attempt to defy the laws of physics. They fail. We lose. So we cheer for the champions of proper weight distribution and the baggers who believe in the art of being gentle.



The folks at the hair salon who keep the small talk small


They don’t make comments about your weight or your height. They don’t passive-aggressively notice your wrinkles or the size of your pores. They don’t ask you where you live or how much you earn or if you’re getting a breakup haircut. The light chit-chat is restricted to what cut looks good with the shape of your face, the celebrities you remind them of, and anything in the realm of pop culture. If it’s not on TV, it’s off limits. They follow a good rule of thumb.


The driver who takes you to your destination, no questions asked

No complaints about the distance or the amount of traffic. The interiors are not exactly new, but it's clean. No loud music and they don’t chat with someone on the phone while driving. They crack an occasionally joke—to make you feel at ease, not as an underhanded way of getting you to tip them. The best part? They hand you your change without fussing. Meeting one of these cabbies is like meeting an angel.



The mall concierge who know their stuff

Yes, there are giant monitors in some malls now. However, countless Science Fiction films have made a compelling argument for the value of human interaction. Especially if that human interaction involves a smile and friendly voice telling you exactly where the shop you are looking for is located. They don’t stop at floor number and vague left-right-left commands. They patiently describe the path you must take and the landmarks that you will see on your journey.



The cashier who rings your items without asking for smaller bills

This person knows that if you had P100 instead of P500, you would've handed it to him. He understands that you cannot magically produce P20 from thin air and most importantly, he hands you a P1 when you have P1 in change. None of that, "Sir, kulang po ako ng P1" nonsense. 


The cleaning staff of immaculate bathrooms

We may not see them often and we don’t often get the chance to interact with them, but they are the absolute best. What more can humans ask for than a clean place to do our business? No stench, no overflowing bucket of used tissue, and no grime on the floor. The people who maintain the best bathrooms in the city deserve our undying love and gratitude because they patiently deal with our crap. 

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