The Makati City Hall Building Senate Hearing is now an adult! Happy 18th!

Party! Party!


( Today, the sub-committee on Proposed Senate Resolution No. 826 and 1114 held the 18th hearing on the Makati City Hall Building 2. Following the allegations made by Senator Sonny Trillanes about Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay and certain justices from the Court of Appeals, they went back to discussing the alleged anomalous transaction involving the Boy Scouts of the Philippines and Alphaland. 



We've learned so much since August 2014 and it's been a whirlwind of accusations, literal "black" propaganda in the form of Oplan Stop Nognog 2016, and a businessman biting off more than he can, ahem, chew. But really, if each hearing were a year (and that's what it feels like), it would be old enough to make a decision for itself right about now. 


Right about now is also the time when the parentals would be having a talk with it, asking, "What do you want to do now? What are you doing with your life? Where are you going?"


And just like any teenager, it will shrug in reply, and continue wandering in an attempt to find itself.


Photo from Senator Koko Pimentel's Facebook page, colors enhanced.

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