Where to Send Donations for Nepal

You can do it from Facebook.

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(SPOT.ph) The world sent us love when Yolanda hit Tacloban and today is a good day to pay it forward. On April 26, a devastating earthquake hit Nepal and millions of people now need support. Here are ways you can send aid.




It's probably the first thing that you check in the morning—now you can use it to send a little love to Nepal. Facebook has set up a simple page where you can send anything from P100 to P1,000 (or more) via credit card or Paypal. All you have to do is visit their Nepal Quake Support page. The best part is that Facebook will match the donations its users give. 




Philippine Red Cross

If you're more comfortable sending your money to a named charity that you trust, the Philippine Red Cross won't require you to pour anything over your head. You can just click on Donate and they'll take care of the rest. Transactions are made via credit card, Paypal, and Dragonpay. Visit their official website to donate now. Alternatively, you can send cash donations through these accounts:


Banco de Oro (Port Area)
Peso: 00-453-0190938
Dollar: 10-453-0039482
Swift Code: BNOR PH MM 
Type: Savings

Metrobank (Port Area)
Peso: 151-7-15152434-2
Dollar: 151-2-15100218 
Swift Code: MBTC PH MM
Type: Savings

Bank of the Philippine Islands (Port Area) 
Peso: 4991-0036-52 
Dollar: 4994-0103-15 
Swift Code: BOPI PH MM 
Type: Savings

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Philippine National Bank (Port Area)
Peso: 3752-8350-0034
Dollar: 3752-8350-0034 
Swift Code: PNB MPH MM 
Type: Savings

Unionbank (Taguig)
Peso: 1015-400-002-01
Dollar: 1315-400-000-90
Swift Code: UB MPH MM
Type: Savings


You can also donate via text:


Text RED <space> AMOUNT to 4143 (Smart) or 2399 (Globe) 

You can donate the following denominations:

Smart: 10, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500 or 1,000

Globe: 5, 25, 100, 300, 500 or 1,000





UNICEF Philippines

It's okay to feel a little good about knowing that your donation was able to provide seven families with a month's supply of drinking water. Donations are made via credit card online through their Donation Portal, but the organization accepts cash donations through these accounts:


Account Number: 002-08016364-3
Type: Savings 

Account Number: 066-706631209-3
Type: Checking

Account Number: 001-50100335-9
Type: Savings 

Account Number: 531-10730001-3
Type: Savings 

Land Bank
Account Number: 0052-1393-17
Type: Checking

Account Number: 500000-1882
Type: Checking 


You can also donate via G-Cash:


Dial *143#

Select GCash, then Others, and then Donate.

Enter donation amount and then your 4-digit PIN.

Select More and then UNICEF.


Read through their offline form for more details.


Several other organizations like World Vision and Save the Children are also accepting donations. The ones included in detail on this list are the easiest and fastest ways to help if you are from Metro Manila.

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