Senator Lito Lapid proves that "tsamba-tsamba" gets you places

Also, are we a monarchy now?


( In an extremely rare (we cannot even stress both "extremely" and "rare" enough) interview, Senator Lito Lapid spoke about his performance as a public servant and his plans for the future. 


He admitted that his 12-year tenure as a Senator was, we quote, "tsamba-tsamba" and he added that he was often nervous at work due to his lack of qualifications. He's actually looking forward to stepping down and passing the baton to son Mark Lapid, in the way that Prince Charles is giddy about having the Duke of Cambridge and cute little baby Prince George as qualified successors. That's democracy for you. 



While his son is preparing to "replace" him, Senator Lapid will be running for mayor in Pampanga. Asked if he's sad now that he's "graduating" from the senate, he said, "Hindi naman ako bagay dito e." Reminds us of that really old pair of shoes gathering dust in the closet. Maybe we shouldn't have bought it, you know? It's just taking space and we could've spent that money on something else. 

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