VIDEO: Joey Mead King, on Adopting Pets

The model mentor shares her love for cats


( This explains why Joey Mead King rules the catwalk. She's apparently an avid fan of cats (and dogs...actually, animals in general) and she's the face of the first pro-cat campaign by PAWS Philippines. The new campaign aims to encourage people to adopt PusPins or Pusang Pinoy. 


Joey herself rescues cats and shares her home with them, even if it's not the easiest thing to do. Here's what she has to say about adoption.




"It really takes dedication to have animals and I think that's why animal enthusiasts get along—because they know what it takes. The responsiblity and the dedication to these animals who just meow or bark at you. It's actually a language. You know when they're hungry and you know when they love you," she shares with clear admiration for her pets, "You know that when you are feeling forlorn and they put their head on your lap and they make you pat them. They want you to exert that effort. It's them telling you not to think about your problems and just pat them instead."


For more information, log on to the PAWS Philippines website

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