10 Awesome Lines from Tiffany Uy's Graduation Speech

Find out what the record-setting Iska can teach us about life.


(SPOT.ph) Her GWA is 1.004 (in BS Biology, no less), so we're pretty confident that although she's young, record-setting Iskolar ng Bayan Tiffany Uy knows a thing or two about succeeding. Her academic achievements were all over the news (with people marveling at her ability to find time to study and be in a six-year relationship) and even if a few marred it with distasteful remarks, many were inspired. What better way to start the week than on that note?


Here are some awesome lines from Tiffany Uy's graduation speech, which she gave on June 27. Have a kickass Monday!


1. On survival: "To be able to survive we had to adapt. Maybe not in the scientific sense of the concept, since that would necessitate grounds of giving birth to the mutated forms."


2. On truths: "Despite all the high marks, achievements and accomplishments under our belt, we come to the stark realization that there are many things that school has not prepared us for."


3. On problems: "We can glean some wisdom from our biology, which has never ceased to amaze me. It's the limitless[ness] of human potential that we've served in the evolution of life."


4. On people, personality, and evolution: "Indeed the theory proposes that phenotypic variation exists among individuals. I have to say that Biology houses some of the queerest creatures I have perhaps met in my life."


5. On what biology students do: "We have alternatively been tested for strength and heart to be able to dissect and scrutinize the icky body of a living cockroach without vomiting."



6. On what a college degree means: "You, who gathered here today are the few selected. You embody academic excellence and honor. And the capability to make remarkable achievements for our nation."


7. On the realities our nation faces: "Deep inequities exists between access to public resources that leave many of our brethren to succumb to illness and die without ever having received healthcare."

8. On the future: "We cannot even fully understand the mystery, complexity and awesomeness of the human life. I believe that there is limitless potential in each and every brilliant mind seated before me."

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9. On success: "A life motivated by service is the most meaningful."


10. And a bit of pep talk: "Keep learning, keep believing, and keep evolving"


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