10 Feelings Every Pinoy Knows

Aside from the crowd favorites "Gigil" and "Kilig"


(SPOT.ph) Tagalog is really just a grain in the bowlful of languages we have in the Philippines and what is listed here is in no way exhaustive. And yes, we have to use a rice metaphor, because we're Filipinos and kanin never fails to make us happy. Sometimes, it even inspires kilig. As in, nakakikilig makitang katabi ng kanin ang crispy pata. Nakakagigil kainin

"Kilig" and "Gigil" belong to the category of words we've assigned to feelings our culture has deemed important. We value that rush of joy we feel when something good happens or when we are touched by the ineffable when our admiration for someone is reciprocated...how do you even define kilig, really? Insert picture of crush here, for convenience! 

Check out more feelings unique to us, in celebration of Language Month.


Banas (Nakakabanas)

Banas is the feeling of agitation or annoyance induced by sticky (humid) hot weather. You're not just annoyed. You're irritated by everything because the heat is driving you mad. 




Lihi (Naglilihi)

This is translated to "conception," but lihi or naglilihi is used to describe cravings one gets when pregnant.



Kulit (Makulit)

Persistent? Nagging? Pestering? Annoyingly cute or enthusiastic? Stubborn but sweet? Do you use it to describe an energetic little kid? Hyperactivity? What you do when you call a person about a deadline they are about to miss? "Pakikulit nga si..."




You experience "pamamahay" when you move into a new place or you have to stay in someone else's house...but you feel restless. Wheareas homesick is the longing for your home, pamamahay also applies to "breaking in" or getting used to a different place.






A feeling you get when something or someone is annoying you for no reason...like a face. You ever get that? You see someone's face and you're automatically annoyed?




Tampo (Nagtatampo)

Tampo or nagtatampo is a specific feeling of annoyance or displeasure one gets because of jealousy. It's akin to holding a grudge, but instead of simply having "a persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury," tampo is being grumpy or upset with someone specifically over the fact that he or she didn't give you the attention or affection you were expecting. You know, like when your crush comments on your friend's cool new haircut but doesn't notice that you've colored your hair green.

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That half-groggy, half-grumpy state you get into when you wake up abruptly. You'd be like The Hulk, except you're not quite awake...so like a Hulk Zombie. 




Umay or Suya

It's that feeling you get when you've had too much of a good thing...or too much of anything really. A close approximation of suya or nakakasuya is "cloying," which describes something that is sickeningly sweet, rich, or sentimental. Umay, on the other hand, is mostly reserved for not being able to have more of something you previously liked. 




Naisahan (Nakaisa)

It's informal, but the feeling of naisahan stings and is worth describing...except it's hard to do that. You got duped, cheated, lied to, and tricked all at once. It's also the feeling you get for doing something you're not supposed to do without getting caught. 






It literally translates to soup and it's the perfect description of your brain turning to mush...and not just because you're in love. Other languages might have another word for reaching that point where all you can hear is sloshing between your ears, but sabaw is a beautifully Pinoy concept. 



Ngalay or Ngawit

Ngalay and ngawit is distinct body pain caused by holding a (usually) awkward position for a long time. It's typically translated to "numb," but there's more to the fatigue in specific muscles than just loss of feeling. Please leave your "nangagawit din ba ang puso" and other bitter concerns in the comments section.

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