This heartwarming Pixar video will bring tears to your eyes + more things you might have missed today

A super-awkward porn mishap, Miriam defends Marcoses, and more.


( Busy day, Spotters? We quickly recap 10 things you might have missed while you were off the radar.


1. This heartwarming Pixar video on BFFs will bring tears to your eyes

If you needed a reason to hug your BFF today, this is it. Pixar is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a heartwarming supercut of their animated characters who also happen to be BFFs. Think Woody and Buzz from Toy Story or Sulley and Mike from Monsters Inc. The feel-good video also features a clip from the upcoming Pixar movie, The Good Dinosaur, which hits theaters late November.


2. Daniel Padilla will endorse presidential and senatorial candidates for the 2016 elections

Karla Estrada confirmed to that her son, Daniel Padilla, will be endorsing candidates in the upcoming 2016 elections. She said that he will be endorsing a presidential and senatorial candidate, but they haven't made a final decision just yet. 


3. Lady Gaga opens up about her battle with depression


On Instagram, Lady Gaga posted a photo of her Billboard magazine cover with Elton John where she opened up about her battle with depression. "I've suffered through depression and anxiety my entire life, I still suffer with it every single day," she said. "I just want these kids to know that [the] depth that they feel as human beings is normal. We were born that way."Although she is known for communicating to her fans via social media, she said that the platform can hurt people dealing with depression.


4. Katy Perry is launching her own video game app

Katy Perry announced that she has an app in the works, entitled Katy Perry Pop. "We’ve been working on this game for over a year now," she wrote on her Instagram post. "I’ve created the most fun, colorful world that helps guide your musical dreams. App coming soon!" Her post showed the app version of Katy (featuring Left Shark) in a rainbow-colored virtual world. Other video games by stars are Kim Kardashian: Hollywood by Kim Kardashian, and Path to Fame by Demi Lovato.




Posted by Gina Young on Wednesday, 14 October 2015


5. Watch this super-awkward video of porn playing over the intercom at Target

Porn is probably the last thing you'd expect when grocery shopping, but these Target shoppers in California were in for a surprise on Wednesday when the intercom started playing "dialogue" from an adult film. A shopper named Gina Young uploaded the video and said the incident lasted for 15 minutes, with shoppers either laughing or yelling at Target employees. Target, meanwhile, told that an investigation is currently ongoing.


6. A teenager in a cape files COC for president

Just when you thought you’ve seen every gimmick possible in the week-long filing of Certificate of Candidacy (COC)—from Nazis to those capable of talking to aliens—here comes 19-year old Earl Christian Ansay. On October 16, the last day of filing, Ansay came to the COMELEC office in a cape, with gloves and boots to match. Even if reporters pointed out that the minimum age required to run for presidency is 40, he said he just couldn’t wait to help the nation. His proposed platform would be to raise journalists' pay, acknowledging the risks they take to bring information to the public. When asked about his running mate, he said, "'Pag may independent, sali natin!"



7. Miriam says Marcoses don't owe Filipinos an apology for Martial Law

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