This ad about photo albums will bring tears to your eyes + more things you might have missed today

Pringles-scented candles, Star Wars ice cream, and more.


( Busy day, Spotters? We quickly recap 10 things you might have missed while you were off the radar.


1. This ad about an elderly couple will bring tears to your eyes

A new commercial for a Swiss photo album brand called iFolor has taken the Internet by storm. The ad is told through the eyes of an elderly man suffering from dementia, who sees a photograph that transports him back to New Year's Evethe day that he first met his wife. It's less than a minute long, but it's enough to make you reach for tissues.


2. Star Wars-themed ice cream is your new favorite dessert

Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn, New York City has made headlines for its new line of Star Wars-themed ice cream. The set comes in two flavors: the Light Side, which is marshmallow ice cream with homemade crispies, and the Dark Side, which is ultra-dark chocolate ice cream with espresso fudge brownies, cocoa crispies, and white chocolate pearls. Yum!


3. Pringles-scented candles actually exist

If you're bored with the usual brand of scented candles, Pringles has actually released their very own line of candles that smell like their products. The range comes in three scents, namely: Pigs in Blankets, Texas BBQ, and Cheesy Cheese.


4. A true Adele-Lionel Richie duet is reportedly in the works

Drake isn't the only artist open to working with Adele; even Lionel Richie wants a collaboration. You’ve probably seen that “Hello” mashup of Adele hanging up on Richie that went viral. Now, the stars are reportedly going to work together, but we might have to wait a little longer for the finished product. “We are going to be doing something together—that’s already almost in the works...I can almost say that we are talking, but right now she has a mission. Her mission is [to] get her record out and go on tour, so until she finishes that cycle, that won’t happen just yet,” Richie said. Adele’s album 25 set record-breaking sales and downloads, and her European tour starts in March 2016.



5. Parents are naming their kids after Instagram filters

Here's your dose of bizarre news for the day. According to the website, more and more parents are naming their kids after Instagram filters. For boys, 75% of them were named Lux and 42% were named Ludwig. For girls, 26% were named Valencia and 30% were named Juno. We're still wondering if anyone decided to name their new baby Toaster.


6. Mark Zuckerberg to give away 99% of Facebook shares to charity

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan vow to donate 99% of their shares in Facebook as they announce the birth of their first child, Max. In his published letter to Max via Facebook, Zuckerberg said he and his wife will give away their fortune amounting to U.S. $45 billion to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which aims "to advance human potential and promote equality for all children in the next generation," in hopes to make the world a better place for their daughter to grow up in. "As we become parents and enter this next chapter of our lives, we want to share our deep appreciation for everyone who makes this possible,” he wrote. Once he and his wife return to work, Zuckerburg said, they will release more details about the donation.

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7. Duterte children apologize for father’s gaffe, say he can still lead

After his recent controversial statements in a viral speech, Davao City Mayor and presidential aspirant Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte’s children apologized for their father’s behavior, but assured the public that he is smart enough to lead the Philippines. Sara Duterte, the Mayor’s daughter, took to Instagram saying that she understands where people are coming from. She said that her father “does not have the finesse of Lady Diana” but is a lawyer with “the manners of a street thug.” Davao Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte, on the other hand, said the attempts to ruin him and his family have begun, which he called “cheap shots.” He added, “We are certain that at the end of the day we shall be judged not by your false and reckless attributions but by the deeds done for the people while in office.”



8. DSWD 8 admits burying 284 sacks of rotting rice in Leyte town

The Department of Social Welfare and Development in Eastern Visayas (DSWD 8) admitted to burying 284 sacks of spoiled rice being stored in a warehouse, which were intended for relief operations for victims of 2014 typhoon Ruby. While the barangay chairman initially denied the information, Sr. Inspector Anthony Florencio discovered that sacks marked NFA (National Food Authority) and DSWD had been buried in Barangay Macaalang. DSWD 8 information officer Vina Aquino said the sacks, which arrived in the third week of December 2014, were rotting in their warehouse possibly due to being dampened by the rain. “Ano kasi, matrabaho kasi ang pag-sort out ng bigas kaya natagalan ang pag-dispose. Aprubado naman ’yon ng national office at disposal committee, kasama do’n ’yong taga-COA (Commission on Audit). Kaya noong mag-dispose, isinama na rin ’yong 284 kasi nga nangangamoy na sa bodega. Kaunti lang naman ang percentage na ’yon kesa sa 4,000 [sacks] ‘di ba?” she said. 


9. 10 "Epal" Moves We've Seen on the Road...So Far

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