100 Best Random Photos of 2015

A year of spelling fails, funny puns, and witty signs!


(SPOT.ph) If you’re happy and you know it...share it! It's been a hilarious year of random photos, from spelling fails to clever puns and witty signs. To celebrate an awesome year of randomness, here are 100 of the best and funniest photo submissions we received this year. We can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for us! Keep 'em coming, Spotters!


Awesome Products


The comma can save lives! Spotted by Princess Faith Lebajan


At least they're honest? Spotted by Ryan Cruz


The Force is strong in this one. Spotted by Grace Manalo


A must-have for any battle. Spotted by Fermil Anonuevo


Uh...yum? Spotted by Bambit Gaerlan


Guaranteed to leave your things hanging. Spotted by Darla Domingo


Seems legit. Spotted by Budjie Fernandez


The hottest chestnuts ever. Spotted by Lyanne Blanco


Polite and fancy! Spotted by Ying


Do you like your TT big or jumbo-sized? Spotted by Jing Cruz-Bognot


Classy pares! Spotted by Jake Ramirez


Kapaaal! Spotted by Aissa Sicio

Smell your what?! Spotted by Marie Grace Lasam


WOW! Spotted by Jamie Aguinaldo


Interesting combo. Spotted by Sol Castro II

Best Spelling Fails

We hope you succed in spelling soon! We're rooting for you! Spotted by Vincent Virtucio


The past can save your life. Spotted by Gerald Munsayac



Very sosyal. Spotted by Kristel C. Concepcion


This pleases us. Spotted by Rory Mabangis


We hope it doesn't taste like crap. Spotted by John Paul Flores


Two things we never, ever want to see together. Spotted by Dympha Joy Galeno

If you need more convincing, you know where to go... Spotted by Gilber Tan


Maybe you should stick with legally aged wives. Spotted by Isa Belarmino


Sounds resky! Spotted by Tin-Tin Cablao


Er...frown because there are no prawns left? Spotted by Ellery Tan


How...conveniently misspelled? Spotted by Aby Custodio


Call the LTFRB and have a laugh about it. Spotted by Denise Baquiran


Hmm. Spotted by Carlos Miguel Pineda


*Flush. Spotted by Ervin Sollesta


Stop being...racist! Spotted by Erwin Licarte


So...what type of fire do we have here? Spotted by Frank


That grammar ruined this sign. Spotted by Ivy Lisa F. Mendoza


We'd like some spireb. Spotted by John Carlo C. Marzo


Be veeery careful, guys!  Spotted by Judd Arada


Spelling is so important. Spotted by Julian Macmang


...but not anymore! Spotted by Ma. Rhea Romero


Is this supposed to be kinky? Spotted by Naan Guce


Another example why spelling is very, very important. Spotted by Patricia Mae Tan


Paper view...you read about it! Spotted by Henry Lim Herrera


Dics. Spotted by Rell Barredo



No to slavery! Spotted by Weslee Dizon

Epic Signs


Good one, Fisher Mall! Spotted by Carlo Regalado


Huh. That's so true! Spotted by Lady Fong


Someone's going to get rich! Spotted by Ralph Joseph Garcia


Try explaining that to your mother! Spotted by Dianne Ignacio


You heard the man.


Harsh, but true! Spotted by Frennie Balba


Be careful what you flush. Spotted by Gladys Mendoza


We're guessing this restroom has, uh, been through a lot.


Is there a doctor in the house? Spotted by Dennis Rodriguez


Sorry po. :( Spotted by Jeanella Cruz


 Para sa mga abangers.


Wise advice. Spotted by Lee Francesca


Hugot! Spotted by Boy Bawang


An earnest plea. Please return the plant. Spotted by Vincent Virtucio




For the next time you judge her choices... Spotted by Benjie Totica


Stop generalizing, people! Spotted by Charles May Banares


Errr...thanks for the tip? Spotted by Dennis Buccat


That's one way to get people to follow rules. Spotted by Jauyao


Beware! Or else! Spotted by Jay Mathew Dimayuga


To make jeepney rides fun! Spotted by Jeannina Zulueta


Walang forever! Spotted by Kienzen Dino


LOL! Spotted by Lilet Salvador Cruz


Parang pag-ibig lang. Spotted by Ana Mabaquiao


This sign is challenging you. Spotted by Rory Mabangis



Accurate. Spotted by Russell Famy

Punniest Signs


Punny! Spotted by Raf De Vera


#MayFoodever talaga. Spotted by Marlon D.


Expect only (Mr.) Suave-quality xerox copies here. Spotted by Risa Minatsuki


Does every workout come with the drink? Spotted by Fermil Anonuevo


We feel you. Spotted by Christian Imperio


Attaaack! Spotted by Mia Que


Who needs Uber or GrabTaxi?!!


We are pleasantly offended...and hungry. Spotted by Phil Pana


So creative!


Netnet mo! Spotted by Camille Nogoy


Right on! Spotted by Camille N


Kakaasar! Spotted by Emeng Park


Not sure if punny or gross. Spotted by Gem Santiago


We'll never get tired of puns! Spotted by Chel Mariano


Today we feel like having cholesterol! Spotted by Crablord Maninipit


Now that makes it easier. Spotted by Weslee Dizon

Completely Random

Ahem. Spotted by Jan Dumdumaya


Anyone interested? Spotted by Ret Cruz


Paradox. Damn. Spotted by Paul Pasion


Pogi points for honesty. Spotted by DK Ysmael


Do you think this is a game?! Spotted by Paul Jordan M. Sandalo


Kami rin. Spotted by Michael Belmonte


Walang matutulog, guys! Maganda tayo. Spotted by Pauline Cruz


We're so glad we're not this person right now. Spotted by Patricia Esquieres


Looks like someone didn't think this through. Spotted by Mark Soriano



...okay! Spotted by Yumi Sanpei


It kind of reminds us of elementary school.


This will really get you in shape! Spotted by NDC


This #hugot though... Spotted by Araceli Estose


Witty! Spotted by Heiz


Buti pa ang basurahan, may sparks. Spotted by Paul Jorge Barrozo


Why?! WHAT'S BEHIND ME?!! Spotted by Ret Cruz


This sign is making us curious. Spotted by Zhel Young



The only time tardiness is actually a welcome thing. Spotted by Bow Baliguas



Got something funny to submit? E-mail us at 10randomphotos@gmail.com and we’ll gladly share it. Don’t forget to add photo credits!

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