20 Outrageous Filipino Superstitions You Didn't Know Existed

What does it mean when you break a glass on a Friday?


We Filipinos are superstitious, and our culture—essentially a melting pot of local and foreign beliefs—has made us that way.


We can’t deny that even in this day and age, we still adhere to the beliefs of our forefathers. Paglilihi, usog, and pasma are but a few examples of the countless common Filipino superstitions we still believe in.


This article presents some Pinoy superstitions you may or may have not heard of. We don’t have to believe them (most don't even make sense), but knowing them at the very least can give us an idea of just how rich and diverse our culture really is.


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If you want to get rid of unwanted visitors, secretly sprinkle salt around your home and they will soon leave.



Guests should not open the door while the family is eating because that family’s good fortune will fly out the door.




All windows inside a house should be opened on New Year’s Day to let good fortune come in.



It is good luck to the family if there are bees found inside the house.




When doves and pigeons leave a house, it means the people living there are always quarrelling.



If you have to leave for a trip before finishing your meal, turn the plates on the table so that your trip will be safe.





If a fish bone gets stuck in your throat, don’t tell anyone. Instead, spin your plate three times to make it disappear.



To get good news from a distant relative or stranger visiting your house, serve him or her water first.




The sound of a single rumble of thunder heralds the death of a prominent person.



Gamblers will lose when they see the number seven.




Breaking a glass on a Friday will bring the person bad luck for seven years.



The numbers 3, 5, and 9 are considered unlucky.




Red-colored cars are predisposed to accidents.



If the number of letters in the husband and wife’s name adds up to 30 or more, then that means good luck.




When you dream about a friend wearing white, it means that he or she is getting married.



When a person breaks an egg and sees two egg yolks, he or she will become wealthy.




Putting your purse or handbag on the floor will not make you prosperous.



One who pays his debts at night will become poor.




After you see a shooting star, wrap some money in a corner of your handkerchief and play a game of chance. You will win.



When you wear clothes and discover that they are inside-out, it means you will receive money shortly.




Read the full article, "35 Outrageous Filipino Superstitions You Didn’t Know Existed" on Filipiknow.net. Minor edits were made by the SPOT.ph editors.


Photos from Pixabay; art by Warren Espejo

Also read: 10 Strange Pinoy Superstitions

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