Dave Franco, Miles Teller join list of hopefuls to play young Han Solo + more things you might have missed today

More updates on the MMFF hearing, sales soar for David Bowie's new album, and more.


(SPOT.ph) Busy day, Spotters? We quickly recap 10 things you might have missed while you were off the radar.


1. Dave Franco, Miles Teller join list of hopefuls to play young Han Solo

In case you haven't already heard, Disney and Lucasfilm are currently developing an upcoming Star Wars spin0ff about young Han Solo. According to Variety's sources, the studios have a shortlist of about 12 actors including Miles Teller, Dave Franco, Logan Lerman, Ansel Elgort, and Scott Eastwood. There may also be a chance that the new Han Solo will make a small cameo in an earlier Star Wars spinoff, Rogue One, out next year. Meanwhile, the untitled movie is set for a 2018 release date. The final casting announcement is expected in the next few weeks.


2. MMFF Executive Committee member denies "dictating" disqualification of Honor Thy Father

Yesterday's Congressional hearing on the alleged irregularities at this year's MMFF revealed a lot, including the allegations that MMFF Executive Committee members Marichu Maceda and Dominic Du told the MMFF jury that Honor Thy Father was disqualified prior to the jury's approval. In a report by PEP.ph, Maceda denied the allegations, saying that they "were going to recommend to the jury about the [movie's] disqualification" and that they didn't want it to be decided upon solely by the Executive Committee (ExeCom). "It is not true that we dictated on them," she insisted.



3. You need to see Leonardo DiCaprio's face when Lady Gaga walked past him at the Golden Globes

There were plenty of viral moments from yesterday's Golden Globe awards (hello, Channing Tatum's hair), but one of the most talked-about moments was between Leonardo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga. The former was caught making a scared face as Lady Gaga brushed past him to the stage to accept her award. After the show, DiCaprio was surprised that the hilarious moment trended online, but explained, "I just didn't know what was passing me—that's all!"



4. Sales soar for David Bowie's new Blackstar album

It's safe to say the death David Bowie on January 10 came as a shock to the whole world. The rock icon left with a parting gift, his new album Blackstar. As if to return the favor, OfficialCharts.com reported that the album is holding the number one spot for the week with 43,000 combined sales, making Blackstar Bowie's 10th chart-topping album in the United Kingdom. As of January 11, it has also secured the top spot on the U.S. iTunes chart, according to Billboard.


5. New iOS 9.3 feature will make night-time reading a lot easier on the eyes

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Here's some good news for you night owls. The new iOS 9.3 update will reportedly include a feature called "Night Shift," which changes the colors emitted by your device based on the time of day. Basically, when it begins to get dark outside, the app gradually makes colors warmer to reduce eye strain. Studies have shown that using devices with lit screens before bed can interfere with sleep.