4 Helpful Travel Phrases To Use When Going Around the Philippines

Say something other than "Mabuhay!"

Filipino is the Philippines’ official language. But wouldn’t it be better if you could greet your hostel host in Cebu in Bisaya? And there’s a good chance that you’d score great discounts if you use some basic Bicolano words to ask the kind lady in a market in Legazpi how much her products are. 


Check out these easy-to-remember phrases that might come in handy in your upcoming travels around the country.



Good day! 

• Filipino: Magandang araw po! 

 • Bisaya: Maayong adlaw! 

• Bicolano: Dios marhay na aldaw! 

• Ilonggo: Maayong aga (morning) / hapon (afternoon) / gab-i (evening)

• Ilocano: Naimbag nga aldaw! 

• Kapampangan: Mayap a yabak (morning) / a gatpanapun (afternoon) / a bengi (evening) 




Filipino: Paalam po!

Bisaya: Ari nako!

Bicolano: Paaram!

Ilonggo: Asta sa liwat!

Ilocano: Agpakadaakon!

Kapampangan: Mako naku! 



Excuse me... (to get someone’s attention) 

• Filipino: Pasensya na po or Mawalang galang na po... 

• Bisaya: Kadiyot lang... 

• Bicolano: Tabi po... 

• Ilonggo: Palihog sang madali lang... 

• Ilocano: Pakawanen-nak... 

• Kapampangan: Mayalang galang pu... 



Thank you! 

Filipino: Salamat po! 

Bisaya: Daghang salamat! 

Bicolano: Dios mabalos! 

Ilonggo: Salamat gid! 

Ilocano: Agyamanak!

Kapampangan: Salamat pu!


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