10 Things Only Those Who Loved Their Yaya Would Know

She's one of the reasons you wish you were a kid again.



(SPOT.ph) Yaya. She may have annoyed you at times, but she was also your source of comfort whenever you got worried when your parents weren't home yet. She prepared your baon, packed your schoolbag, braided your hair, wiped off your sweat, et cetera. She also knew where to find all your things! Whenever it was her day off, the household would feel incomplete. You had a special relationship with Yaya. And sometimes, you wish you still had her looking after you.


Our yayas are some of the most selfless and loving people in the world, and for that they deserve more appreciation and recognition. We list 10 things we miss about Yaya.



She was the best hairstylist.

For someone who didn't take professional courses in hairstyling, Yaya had pretty impressive skills when it comes to helping you put on cute hairstyles. She could also do all kinds of braids! Though sometimes you might've gotten annoyed at her for pulling your strands too hard or accidentally snapping a hair-tie against your head, you know you couldn't stay mad at her for long.


She pat your back till you fell asleep.

On days when your parents came home late from work, or when they went out on a date or a quick vacation, Yaya tucked you in. She kept you company all night long and pat your back till you fell asleep—no matter how long it took.




She always prepared your baon.

You didn't have to worry about what you were going to have for lunch because Yaya was always there. She tried to feed you all your favorite ulam, but of course there would be days that she'd make you have veggies for lunch. She just cared about your health!


She would scold you...with love.

This usually happened when you came home with leftover food (a.k.a. the veggies you didn't touch), muddy clothes, and when you were being a little brat. But now you know that she was only doing this so that your mom won't have to...because being nagged by your mom is a different, torturous experience. She was also protective of you—if anyone tried to bully you, Yaya would teach them a thing or two.

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She always made merienda for you.

But even when she gave you mini lectures about how you should appreciate everything you have, she still offered you your favorite snack food so you could eat it while you watched cartoons on TV. She loves you, and you don't even realize it.




She loved to sing and dance like no one was watching.

You probably caught Yaya singing her lungs out to Aegis songs. Or you loved her comical reactions to radio dramas she loved listening to every afternoon!


She let you watch teleseryes.

This is how you can recognize most of the local actors and actresses today. You and Yaya bonded over her favorite teleseryes. When you asked her a question about Esperanza or Mula Sa Puso, she could tell you the story from start to finish.



She loved reading pocketbooks.

She may even be the one who inspired you to start reading books! It amazed you how she could finish reading them so quickly. Your birthday gift for Yaya? Definitely those P50 pocket books (with the slightly sexual covers, but of course you were too young to understand what was really going on).


She kept your secrets.


You were probably more open with her than you were with your own mom! She knew all about your first crush from kindergarten and teased you at random times, but your secret was always safe with her. Sometimes she even spared you from getting in trouble with your parents by taking the blame for some of your mistakes!



You treated her as family.

To you, she wasn't just a Yaya. You treated her as family. You wouldn't be who you are today if it weren't for Yaya guiding you all throughout your younger years. Your love and appreciation for her cannot be reduced to words—you wish you could give back all the love and care she showed you when you were young.

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