Coolest Offices in Manila: Heim Interiors and Heima Design Studio

This cool but inviting space embodies "Design Made Happy" in every nook and cranny.

Cool Office Heima


( The textbook translation for Heima is home or homeland. The Icelandic word in the Philippine context, however, has expanded the concept of home to something more than just an abode. Heim Interiors and Heima Design Studio have showed the brighter, quirkier, happier side of home through solid and consistent branding through the years. A visit to their office in Makati speaks volumes about their philosophy—design made happy.


Cool Office Heima


Heim Interiors (the group’s interior design arm which caters to commercial and residential spaces) along with Heima Design Studio (the home and lifestyle store, showroom, interior styling, and overall retail arm) have recently come together under one roof, creating a compact space for a tight-knit team that embodies the mantra that literally welcomes visitors to their door: “Making the world a better place, with design made happy for every space.”


Cool Office Heima


Just walking up to the office already showcases some of the group’s distinct visual branding—they developed signages and environmental design for other tenants in the building, STEPS Dance Studio and Ride Revolution.


Cool Office Heima


Both teams are painting this season happy with soft pinks, greens, whites, and the stark contrast between these pastels with black. The lobby is a flexible space that’s extremely functional. Not just a reception area for guests, it also serves as an instant introduction to the brand’s signature aesthetic. Striking graphics are laid out thoughtfully in the gallery wall and are anchored by the distinct black-and-white graphic of the rug. The furniture and accessories show not just the products available but the team’s talent for styling.


Cool Office Heima


The conference area is separated from the lobby by a black-paned screen. Open and broad, the space includes affirmations and inspiring phrases done in smart and current type. A fun take on the white-tile and black-grout trend is done with painted lines on the white wall.


The space, which is open and only separated from the rest of the office through its frosted screen, is easily a staff favorite.


“The conference area sums up how we work as a company,” says marketing associate, LA Benitez. “It represents focus through its function and its streamlined look, while also representing happy designs in its subtle quirks like the teal metal frame deer head, the indoor plants, and the pink light box-inspired phrases reminding us to go through our days with energy and positivity.”



Cool Office Heima


When the group’s leads, Bong and Rossy Rojales, are in town, they take up a third chunk of wall space. Unassuming and open like the rest of the office, the visual anchor of the semi-private space is its inspiration wall. A host of photos taped up create instant pictorial impact with a mix of typography inspiration, chairs, illustrations, and even little photos of architectural sun shading. Transparency is key throughout the office—even with the heads and the staff, which contributes to the overall light-hearted atmosphere of the entire space.


Cool Office Heima


Just across the private desk is the pantry area, which transports you instantly from workspace to quirky café. With the brand colors matching bowls, plates and coffee cups, a water dispenser hidden subtly behind black storage (with vibrant green popping out), and indoor plants accenting the entire area, break time becomes instantly colorful. Nothing is more Instagrammable these days than a pretty background of white subway tiles, and beautiful accessories scattered on a table.


Cool Office Heima


The main work area houses 10 seats, all illuminated by drop lights decorated with greenery, as in the rest of the spaces. Every seat has its own cubby, matched by the arrangement of classic black lockers where everyone can stash their stuff neatly.


It’s no coincidence that overlooking the area is a pretty wall painting, created by visual artist and illustrator Keeshia Felipe as her very first mural. The wall art isn’t just a departure from the typical, but is a bright and happy reminder about what working with the group is all about—putting happiness in all aspects of design and space.


Photos by Toto Labrador

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