15 Most Entertaining Moments in the Final PiliPinas Debate

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(SPOT.ph) Well, what did you expect? The third and final PiliPinas Debates 2016 was hosted by ABS-CBN, known for their telenovelas and Maalaala Mo Kaya. The town hall format gave voters a venue to ask candidates questions about issues affecting them and was met with mixed reviews on social media. Some felt that introducing each voter with a short segment about his or her life took too much time, while others thought this was a good way to bring the issues down to a more personal level.




Whether or not this has slowed down an otherwise snappy debate, one thing was clear: the dramatic production value evoked entertaining responses from the candidates, who had their last chance to talk about their stand on employment, Metro traffic, health care, the West Philippine Sea, contractualization, and many others, before the May 9 elections.


Even before the start of the show, people on social media were already anticipating the debate:






Here are 15 entertaining moments from the last presidential PiliPinas debate:


That moment during the opening statement when Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte "joked" that he would not hesitate to copy the concrete plans or platforms of his contenders.

"I have many plans I can copy. Sanay naman ako mangopya. Grade 1, nangogopya na ako."



That moment when Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago grilled Sec. Mar Roxas, like a teacher giving an oral exam. 

"I believe that there are three requirements for a good president of the Philippines. Number one, academic excellence. Number two, professional excellence. Number three, moral excellence. Can you give me at least three examples of each kind of excellence that you possess?"



When Sec. Mar Roxas asked Vice President Jejomar Binay about corruption allegations, and the VP refused to answer directly, yet again.

"Ikaw Mr. Roxas ay shoot na shoot...Kung ayaw makinig, nagbibingi-bingihan; kung ayaw tingnan, nagbubulag-bulagan. Ilang beses ko nang sinagot iyang pinagsasabi mo. Wala nang bago diyan."

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Those moments when despite appearing to struggle from the effort, Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago showed she still has some fight in her.

"Tatawagin ko ang Coast Guard, bobombahin ko ang mga iyon," she said on the West Philippine Sea issue. 

"Ang dali sabihihn na gyerahin ang Tsina. Eh what if matalo sila, nag-surrender sila lahat, ano papakain natin sa kanila?" she added. 





That moment when Duterte said he wanted to be a hero while trying to take over the West Philippine Sea.

"Pupunta ako sa China. I will ask the Navy to bring me to the nearest boundary sa Spratlys, Scarborough. Bababa ako, sasakay ako ng jet ski, dala-dala ko 'yong flag ng Filipino. Itanim ko, sabihin ko, 'This is ours. And do what you want with me, bahala na kayo.' I would stake that claim and if they want to, eh you know matagal ko nang ambisyon iyan na maging hero ako. Pag pinatay nila ako doon, bahala na kayong umiyak dito."





That moment when people found hugot in Grace Poe's opening statement.

"Ayaw na natin ng gobyerno na manhid."



That moment when Mar Roxas quoted Batman.

"As Batman said, it is not important how you came into this world but what you did with your life."




That moment when Binay was hinting that Karen Davila was being unfair to him by always asking him the questions first, then he questioned Karen Davila's dress color.

Binay: Naka-blue ka pa naman. 

Karen Davila: Dark blue po ito. 



And that moment when Binay refused to answer the yes or no questions with a simple yes or no. 

Karen Davila: Yes or no lang po.

Binay: Huh?

Karen Davila: Yes or no?




When Duterte and Miriam were being friendly to each other for the nth time.

Duterte: Ma’am Miriam, what can I ask of you? I am facing a woman worthy of becoming the president of this country. It will be an insult to the intellect of everyone in the country to ask such a learned individual. So my question is, how are you today, ma’am?




When Grace Poe asked Duterte about his respect for women and what he can do for them. He answered that Mutya ng Davao contestants do not wear swimsuits anymore. He also used this chance to clear the air regarding his rape joke.

“You are you. I am I.”



Those moments when Tony Velasquez seemed kind of lost. He forgot to ask Grace Poe during a round and called Mar Roxas "vice president."

"My mistake, I apologize. Steve Harvey moment."



When Grace Poe said that new things are not necessarily bad. 

"Walang masama sa bago. Ang gusto nga natin, bagong ligo, bagong saing, bagong boyfriend."




When Duterte summoned the dead. 

Karen Davila: Name your top campaign spender.

Rodrigo Duterte: Nasa bukid, ma’am.

Karen Davila: Sino?

Rodrigo Duterte: Emilio Aguinaldo.




When Miriam said that she wouldn't give her husband a cabinet position. 


"Kailangan nasa bahay siya pag-uwi ko."


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