Breaking up is hard to do: Jessica Zafra writes 'obituary' for former mentor

P.S. He's still alive.


( Writer Jessica Zafra didn't have to name names in her latest column today. We all know who she's talking about.


In "Obituary for the formerly brilliant," Zafra publicly cuts her ties to the man whom she considered her mentor and friend.


Zafra explained that the decision to speak up against the man who had been her boss was complicated, not to mention extemely painful.


"For a long time I have felt like a child whose beloved parent has dementia. I have watched as the sharp, shining intellect I had admired and respected was corrupted, dulled, and reduced to smearing excrement on the walls," she began.


She went on to say, "Over the years my explanations to myself have become more convoluted and illogical, but I wanted to believe that there was a point to all that, some end game too complex and brilliant for my mediocre brain. Loyalty and gratitude had blinded me from speaking."



Zafra related that she also thought that "if I shut up, surely this vicious insanity would end."


Ultimately, though, she had to conclude, "He has one last thing to teach me: that loyalty has its limits. Mine ends when literature and history are twisted to justify the unjustifiable."

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