10 Burning Tweets About Duterte's First 100 Days

It's been eventful, to say the least.


(SPOT.ph) President Rodrigo R. Duterte's first 100 days in office has been met with polarizing reactions. Former president Fidel V. Ramos thinks it's "a huge disappointment and let-down to many of us" while a certain Carla from Tacloban thinks that "he is also sincere, honest, and hardworking, and he loves the poor and the weak" as reported by The Guardian. A Social Weather Stations survey reported that seven out of 10 Filipinos (76%) were "satisfied" with what he has done so far. About 88% of the respondents who said that they were satisfied with the president's performance came from Mindanao.



The president has stuck to his promise of eliminating drugs in the country—with thousands of suspected addicts and pushers dead. His capability for diplomacy has also been questioned after he expressed less than friendly remarks against U.S. President Barack Obama, the European Union, and other international communities.


We round up a handful of reactions on Twitter on the president’s first few months in Malacañang.


Yup, language evolves.


Starring Duterte himself.


Sounds like an existential crisis.


The numbers are still growing.


Nope, it's not a bad dream.


There are no words.


Will the traffic problem ever be solved?


All these adjectives.


So many questions.


He did say it'll be bloody.

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