Online petition calls for suspension of Mocha Uson Blog on Facebook

Probably not the best idea.


( A petition titled Suspend Mocha Uson Blog Facebook Page started making its rounds online on October 23 after a certain Paul Quilét posted it in "Mocha Uson, a Filipino entertainer-turned-Duterte die-hard supporter uses her Facebook page to spread fictitious and false information about pressing issues in the Philippines, from the role the USAID plays in the country to malicious and false news concerning other government officials, eliciting unwarranted hate from the public. The said Facebook page widens the rift between those who support the current administration and those who are critical of it," the entry read.


Singer and dancer Mocha Uson has previously received flak for her controversial statements and viral posts. She's known as a staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, even calling like-minded individuals her mga ka-DDS (Die-hard Duterte Supporters), and would often call out media sites on "misleading headlines" or "biased" news items. She also frequently shares stories from not-too-credible “news” sites such as Trending News Portal.


Her response to Quilét's online petition was a post with a photo of former President Ferdinand Marcos and a status that says: "Galit ang mga DISENTE sa tao na ito dahil sa MARTIAL LAW. Tapos ngayon nagpe-petition kayo na patahimikin ako sa FB? ANONG KA-PLASTIKAN YAN???" Antonio P. Contreras, a political science professor at De La Salle University - Manila, similarly argued against the petition and cited Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.




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In defense, Quilet clarified that the petition "aims not to curtail anyone's right to free speech." He explained that the "liberties listed in the Bill of Rights are not absolute" and gave the case of Gonzales and Cabigao vs. COMELEC (April 18, 1969) as an example. "Freedom of expression is not an absolute. It would be too much to insist that at all times and under all circumstances it should remain unfettered and unrestrained. There are other societal values that press for recognition," the Supreme Court decision read.


Meanwhile, Facebook and Twitter users have mixed reactions on the issue. Some are fed up with Uson’s posts, while others—despite being against the blogger’s "alarming" use of social media—would think twice about denying her the right to free speech.







The petition has almost 25,000 signatures as of writing and is meant to be delivered to Facebook.


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