10 Local Books for Your Inaanak This Christmas

Be the best ninong or ninang ever.


(SPOT.ph) Christmas is a time for giving, especially if you’re a tita who’s often asked to be a godparent to unsuspecting babies. Let’s face it, half the time you don’t even know what to give these sweet bundles of joy (or super active tots).


We round up gift ideas that’ll not only keep them quiet in a corner but also spark their young minds. Happy shopping!




Isang Harding Papel (P76)

Story by Augie Rivera

Illustrations by Rommel Joson


Isang Harding Papel, winner of the 2015 Filipino Readers Choice Award for Best Children's Book, follows Jenny, who patiently waits for her mother to come home while making flowers from paper. It is set in the time of Martial Law in the Philippines, when those who dare speak up against tyranny are tortured while those who blindly follow the dictator are given rewards. This book is recommended for kids who are eight years old and above.




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Ang Elepante at ang Anim na Bulag (P75)

Retelling by Eugene Y. Evasco

Illustrations by Ariel Santillan


This Indian folktale tells the story of six blind men who touch an elephant to figure out how it looks. Each of them feels a different part: the body, a tusk, a leg, and so on. Being in complete disagreement on how an elephant really appears because of their own perspectives, conflict ensues.





Sampung mga Daliri (P79)

Illustrations by Hubert Fucio


Through this 5" by 5" board book, kids who are just starting to form their own words can appreciate the Filipino folk song “Sampung mga Daliri.” Teach the young ones the different parts of the body with this handy tool.




Pitong Anghel (P85)

Story by Genaro R. Gojo Cruz

Illustrations by Ivan Reverente


Angels have always been at Lara's side. They take care of the little girl in various ways but they also have different reasons for leaving. One angel is different from the rest.





Letters to My Children (P295)

A perfect read for your teenage inaanaks, this anthology of never-before-published letters will surely touch their hearts. The accounts written by 35 parents, including Lea Salonga, the late Jesse Robredo, and Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel, include advice on fighting for true love, embracing their faith, and exploring what life has to offer.




Araw ng Kabaligtaran (P158)

Story and Illustrations by Jomike Tejido


Little Sophia declares a "Day of Opposites." She decides to do everything in the opposite manner, from sleeping upside down to reading a book the other way around. This children's story is written in two languages, English and Filipino.





EDSA (P76)

Story by Russell Molina

Illustrations by Sergio Bumatay III


The People Power Revolution in 1986 is one of the most significant moments in our history and EDSA by Russell Molina makes us #NeverForget about it. In the story, it proves that when people come together, nothing is impossible—even overturning the powerful and tyrannical Marcos regime. It gives different sights and experiences through stories which can easily be understood by a child who's eight years old or above.




Maghapon Namin ni Nanay (P152)

Story by Genaro Gojo Cruz

Illustrations by Nicole Lim


Preschoolers will enjoy looking at the photos in this board book on a mother and child's activities in a day, which most kids can relate to. You can even have a storytelling session with babies since the book is also suitable for children younger than one.





Diksiyonaryong Adarna (P664)

Your inaanak who's in high school will thank you for this comprehensive study partner for their subjects in Filipino and Philippine literature. It features unfamiliar words found in El Filibusterismo, Noli Me Tangere, and Florante at Laura, as well as entries on art, culture, local beliefs, and various ethnic groups in the Philippines.




Takbo - Mga Pandiwa: Kapag Naging Tinig ang Tunog (P135)

Illustrations by Auri Asuncion Yambao


In Takbo, Auri Asuncion Yambao matches brilliant graphics to onomatopoeic words to make the learning experience more fun. Each of the 39 verbs carry a sound that describes it's meaning as well as illustration of the action it represents.



Books are available at National Book Store, Fully Booked, Power Books, Adarna House, Lampara Books, Tahanan Books, and Summit Books.

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