Best of Random Photos: 25 Most Relatable #Hugot Signs of 2016

These signs will make you say "same."

( And just like that, the year 2016 is coming to an end. There was a lot of #hugot going around throughout the year, too! We round up 25 of the most relatable #hugot signs and photos that will surely make you say "same!" We hope 2017 will bring warmth to the hearts of the people behind these signs!


Love and alcohol. Spotted by Cedrick Casulla



Which one are you? Spotted by Herbert Puyat



Grabe talaga! Spotted by Clang Diamzon



Choose the applicable milkshake. Spotted by Jillie Morales



OUCH. Spotted by Herbert Puyat



The feels. Spotted by Anicia Ugalino



Take comfort in food. Spotted by Germaine Ong



At least food will never break your heart.



Even kuya has feelings. Spotted by Jeane Pe



We feel this way about traffic, too. Spotted by KC Escondo



They're probably as hard as your ex's heart. Spotted by Carla Dolor



Random Photo

Truth. Spotted by Leizelle Lobitana



Random Photos

Taxis have hugot, too. Spotted by Kat Reambillo



Random Photos June 13

Find a love life elsewhere. Spotted by Zen Schwartz



Random Photos May 30 - 5

Drinks to go with your hugot. Spotted by Sheila Guadayo



10 Random Photos to Start Your Week

May second chance! Spotted by Gaylee Mae



May hugot si manong. Spotted by Richien Esguerra



Buti pa ang traffic, hindi natatapos. Spotted by Aix Macatubal



Awww. Spotted by Frame Rivas



Who said love don't cost a thing? Spotted by Glaiza Olase



Jeepney wisdom. Spotted by Hannah Rondilla



LOL. Spotted by Florence Claire



"Sa dictionary meron" FTW! Spotted by Frame Rivas



Buti pa 'yong chicharon—kahit plain, special pa rin.


Extra service! Spotted by Dominique Ng


Tell us your #feels!

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