10 Cute Pets You Should Follow on Instagram

What did we ever do to deserve these adorable creatures?

(SPOT.ph) Sometimes after a really long day, all we need are adorable critters to lift our spirits. Thank the deities for social media and the generous parents of these pets for giving us our much needed daily dose of cute. Here are 10 Instagram animals worth following.


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There’s no denying that this dog has style. Be warned gentlemen, with his fashion sense, he's bound to steal your girl.



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This cute little pupper is a potato with legs. If he doesn’t brighten your day, nothing else will.





Sueroux might only have two legs, but that hasn't stopped her from living her life to the fullest. This fearless feline also loves pretending to be a mini T-rex!



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Little Jill was rescued by her owner during Hurricane Isaac in her backyard. Her new mommy says the only thing she's afraid of is the vacuum.



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Sam has been blessed by the kitty gods with eyebrows on fleek all day, every day making each of his expressions cuter than the last.



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Biddy is #TravelGoals. This hedgehog loves going to different places and he never fails to look majestic in all his pictures, too!



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Pudge is the cat who always looks a little worn out. With her tired eyes and white mustache, you’re going to want to keep stalking her feed.



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Just one eye? No problem! Jack the Pug is still all smiles.





You’re going to feel super guilty about your bacon cravings when you see how cute his porky little bottom is. Kevin now shares the limelight with his equally cute sister, Gwen.




A post shared by Allison (@avianrecon) on



Watch Alison the Bird whisperer and all her sassy aviary friends’ adventures.

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