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We're not the only ones who find tarsiers cute

The Philippines makes it to a list of "megadiverse" countries in the world.



( British publication The Telegraph has published a list highlighting animals from 17 countries that the non-profit environmental organization Conservation International deems "megadiverse."


"Each possesses a vast number of different speciesmany found nowhere else," according to the article.


The Telegraph picked the Philippine tarsiers for inclusion on the list, sharing the company of pandas (China), tigers (India), and komodo dragons (Indonesia).


"Giving quokkas a run for their money in terms of cuteness, tarsiers are found in the islands of southeast Asia, with some species endemic to the Philippines," said the article. "Nocturnal mammals with rotating heads and bulbous eyes, they are one of the world's smallest primates. Many live in Bohol and can be seen in its conservation center. At less than six inches high, these furry little fellows are shy and endangered."


The 17 countries on Conservation International's list are:


• Australia

• Brazil

• China

• Colombia

• Democratic Republic of the Congo

• Ecuador

• India

• Indonesia

• Madagascar

• Malaysia

• Mexico

• Papua New Guinea

• Peru

• Philippines

• South Africa

• United States

• Venezuela


Photo by Von André Acabal via Flickr

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