Jughead says he's a big fan of Filipino barbecue

Archie's band is in the Philippines!


(SPOT.ph) We know you're probably already hooked on Riverdale, but if you're still a fan of classic Archie, the latest comics series should get you excited. In Archie Funhouse Comics Spring Annual Issue 26Archie Andrews along with BFFs Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and Reggie Mantle go to the Philippines as part of their garage band's international tour. Can't blame them! Who can resist our tropical paradise





In the story titled "On the Road Again!" The Archies tour the country while a documentary is being filmed about the fictional group. "Isn't this exciting? We're in the Philippines," Veronica says in the first comic strip panel. To which the ever proud Reggie goes, "I'm sure it's more exciting for the Philippines that they finally get to see me." On the succeeding pages, Jughead sings praises for the Pinoy barbecue, calling it an art form, and argues that he's a "big fan of Filipino culture." We're sure that you are, old pal!


The script is written by Dan Parent who also drew the art with Jim Amash, Glenn Whitemore, and Jack Morelli. The 192-page full-color comic went on sale on April 5 for U.S. $5.99.


Archie Funhouse Comics Spring Annual Issue 26 is available through the Archie Comics Online Store or the Archie Comics app.

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